Transcripts of the Walsh case

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  • FreedomFrog

    Does anyone have an idea on how I can get the transcripts of the "Walsh case" of 1954 that is mentioned in the 'Christian Freedom' book? If it's possible to get it from the Keeper of Records of Scotland site that would be cool. I've written to them but I haven't heard back from them yet. I've searched their site but with no luck.

    If I copy it from Franz's book then the first question that will come out of my parents mouth will be "where'd ya get this" and then the creditability goes down quite a bit.

    If some how I can find those transcripts off an "official" site (that isn't an "apostate") then I can probably get somewhere with them.

    Oh...and parents don't consider me an apostate until I'm actually DF'd, even though and elders told them that it was "apostate reasoning". Go figure.

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  • AlanF

    I bought a thick transcript from Witness, Inc. many years ago. Not sure if they still sell it, but try contacting them via their website:


  • FreedomFrog


    I sent a note to the witness inc. Let's see what happens.

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