How is Everyone? I've been off the "net a Long Time!!

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  • Jaypeeto

    I have been off the internet for a long time. I see some familiar names here from the old H2O site.

    How is everyone? I'm still a Catholic...interesting posts about 2034 being the new date for THE END...


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hi JP.... WELCOME back !

    Why were you off the internet so long? (forgot to pay the bill )


  • Jaypeeto

    No, didn't forget to pay the bill.

    Just stopped using AOL. Plus got a little tired of the debating scene over at the old H2O site.

    It seemed everyone was pretty much arguing the same points over and over again. This site seems pretty cool and very animated.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    This site seems pretty cool and very animated.

    That it spades! In fact, it can at times be addictive.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    2034 is not the new date for the end. The WTBTS has never ever published this date in any of their publications.


  • Forscher

    Doubtful is right on this one. What is happening is that the WTBS has compared the current time to the days of Noah and then, after mentioning that Jehovah alloted mankind 120 years before the flood, they state that it has been 90 years since 1914. Many folks are speculating that this is a trial balloon that is being floated to see how folks will react to another date based on that reasoning.

  • Jaypeeto

    Forscher, I tend to agree with your assessment.

    I think it is a trial balloon. But remember, they never came right out and SAID "The world is going to end in 1975," either, what they did was state that the 1914 generation would be around at the End, and that the 1914 generation was "well over sixty years of age" and then talked about a generation being 70 years, or at the most, 80 years. And they joined that to their claim that 1975 marked the 6,000th anniversary of Man's creation and that that left only 1,000 years remaining of the Creative Day.The rank and file did the math, as they were intended to, and JWs went around proclaiming that 1975 would be the End, and no one in authority did anything concrete to actively discourage this. I remember in 1968 a Witness telling me that everything would be over by "at the LATEST 1975."

    Oh well, those were the days...

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