Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits

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  • JustTickledPink

    I went to the House of Blues in Orlando this morning for their "Gospel Brunch" services. It was like church, well a southern black church with gospel singing, electric guitar, lots of the Holy Spirit... we all testified we were a witness to the Lord and said many a Halelujah!!!

    Music, singing, and dancing... all while eating cheese grits, bacon, roast beef, shrimp, and drinking a few mimosas.

    It was truly the best religious experience of my life... we had a blast. That is exactly what church SHOULD be like. Spiritual food in the form of music for your soul and physical food for your body. Even Jesus fed his apostles with fish and bread... He knew what he was doing. It was awesome!!!

    I know it's been commercialized, that it's not a true church, but it sure felt like it to me. It was wonderful. Absolutely the best. If you ever get the chance to go, you should check it out.

  • AuntieJane

    Funny this post should appear; we just returned from Las Vegas and I saw ads for the Mandalay Bay's Sunday Gospel Brunch, very similar to this. I would LOVE to have been able to stay for it, am sure it would be very fun and uplifting! God is kinda scarce in Vegas, I think this is a brilliant marketing idea.

  • eyeslice

    Sounds great to me.

    JWs have no sense of joy in their worship do they!


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