Memorial Partakers - how many from 1935 are still alive?

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  • eyeslice


    There has been a lot of debate about the number of memorial partakers staying around the 8,500 mark for years now, up by 5 this year, compared with the 11,000 or so that partook in 1935 when the heavenly calling was closed.

    Personally, I do not have the actuary skills to be able to work out how many who partook in 1935 are likely to still be alive to day.

    I guess what you would need to know is what the demographic profile was in 1935, i.e. of the 11,000 partakers, the age range would have been something in region of say 14 to 95 years of age. Then, we apply the actuary information and, we should end up with an approximate figure of partakers alive today who were partakers in 1935.

    Any educated guesses or, better still, scientific calculations ?


  • BluesBrother

    According to the "Proclamers" book, page 717 - the memorial Partakers in 1935 were 52,465 out of an attendance of 63146

    1940 24711 96989

    1965 11550 1,933,089

    I have seen on this board an actuarial calculation of expected numbers based on life insurance calculations and it suggested an expectation much lower than the current partakers. But I cannot give reference to the thread

  • blondie

    Carey Barber (born 1905)

    Jack Barr (born 1913)

    Al Schroeder (born 1911)

    Of the Governing Body I think the above probably were adult JWs in 1935

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Hm, how many partakers in 1935 left the org.? We see a decrease in the numbers over time, many people thinking that most have died, how do we know that a fair number haven't just left?

  • Greenpalmtreestillmine

    The 1935 cut off for anointed and/or the requirement that GB members only be of that class are teachings the Watchtower will soon have to tweak. If they are to keep their Governing Body's superior spiritual position, as Christ's brothers, they must continue to reap from the not so loved post 1935 class as they have for the last 5 GB memebers. But if there are not enough "mature" and approved males in that class then they are forced to either return to the Anointed President days or allow the lowly other sheep class entry into the holy of holies, the Governing Body.

    Either way, more changes to their already poorly structured theology will only result in more publishers leaving.


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