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  • Zep

    Still a kid at heart!

    1.All the Tomb raiders
    2.Half life
    4.Syphon filter 1& 2
    5.Colin Mcrae Ralley
    6.Myst and Riven
    7.Blade runner

    MAME emulator: Galaxian and Galaga!

    CCS64 Commodore 64 games: International karate and Uridium!

  • RedhorseWoman

    Zork....any and all Zork.

    Actually all of the Infocom text games were great. Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy especially.

    Space Quest, King's Quest, Dark Seed (Giger illustrations are supremely creepy), Lighthouse.

  • Angharad

    I know its sad but I like the sillyplatform games like Rayman, just don't believe Simon if he says anthing about the obsene language while I'm playing (I'm not very good at them)

  • Seven

    My favorite games include Tomb Raider(all 3, Lara is my hero, I love to abuse the butler), Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six-Rogue Spear, & Starfleet Academy.
    Angharad, It is NOT sad that you like the platform games. Some of the best games ever were the Castlevania series, and just look at Sonic Adventure for DC. These are masterpieces and many have games within the game unlike a lot of that heavy metal horsesh*t that people think is so fantastic. I love Soul Calibur and can't wait for Shenmue. The controls for these games actually do what you want them to do.
    I used to play cribbage and scrabble online all the time but it became an addiction when I'd stay home from work just to play. I replaced that addiction with another one-ICQ.

  • Angharad

    Seven: I've never played those but will have a look out for them.

    I also like Doom2 but its a bit out of date now Simon replaced it with Quake which I'm hopeless at, will have to make him put it back on.

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