What if God was a parent today?...

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  • Hecklerboy

    Think about this. If your child was on the street corner and a drug dealer approached them and offered them some drugs and you saw all of this happening in front of you. Would you run and stop the drug dealer to protect your child or let you child make their own decision? Well I think most of us would answer that we would probably beat the crap out of the drug dealer to protect our child.

    Why then did God let Eve talk to Satan (drug dealer) and eat of the forbidden fruit (drugs)? Why didn't he just beat the crap out of Satan for messing with his kids? I mean, Adam and Eve were just kids when compared with God and the angels, including Satan. So why didn't he protect them?

  • AlmostAtheist

    When has God ever stepped in and done anything for any of his "children"? If you -- a total stranger -- see a person bleeding to death and do nothing, you can be held criminally liable. Saying, "I was trying to make a POINT here!" wouldn't buy you much leniency.

    If God were a parent today, he'd be in jail for neglect. Or rather abandonment.


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