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  • claudia

    Hi, I was wondering how many, if any, of you work with computers? Im thinking of going to school for pc networking and want to know if this is a wise choice.

  • spectromize

    Good choice Claudia, I would also recommend microsoft certification as it is worldwide recognized and more and more in demand in the IT industry.
    Wishing you the best,

  • Simon

    Yes, I'd agree. MS Certification is a good starting point (I keep meaning to get it myself!).
    What you study depends on what you want to get into doing though - network support, software development etc...

  • MacNCheese

    I might add a few things being a software person myself

    1) the answer depends on what type of job culture you're looking for. Programming and system administration is a factory job equivalent into todays market. Yes you'll get the top salary, but you'll also be the first to be laid off. I got my computer science degree and thought I'd get into a company and be loyal to them and it didn't really work out that way. In my job search (laid off in Feb) I'm finding that its somewhat easy to get a software gig, you just have to be ok with it being short term with a lot of turn over possibly no beneifts (or benefits on your own). Plan and save accordingly.

    2) also depends on your training. A 4 year degree will always beat out a 2-year or certificate (experience being equal). My 4 year degree was invaluable and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Lastly, don't pigeon hole yourself just to pc networking. If 4 year degree is not in your plans, try to get into a company that with a long term outlook and broad opportunities. Branch out and try to learn (or get experience in) a the complete systems architecture. There's a need for Utility Players on every team (to use a baseball reference) and you'll find your experience more rewarding.

  • Priest73

    dude, you resurected a 9 year old thread.

  • jstalin

    Well, I wonder if Claudia ever made it in the IT field....

    My answer to her today would be... NO!

  • MacNCheese

    No pun on the "resurection" reference, I'm sure. Maybe Claudia can get me a job haha.

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