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  • justhuman

    There has been almost 2 weeks after the tragic events in Asia, and still the tsunami disaster is still on the front line of the media.

    From what I observe many countries in the world donate money for the victims of this tragic events, and we see pop stars like Cliff Ritchard that wrote a song for this purpose and all the money will go to the victims there in Asia, famous actors, people in the art business, donating money for this holy cause.

    In my country (since many of you in this forum you know that I'm Greek) the last few days we obsrever a humanitarian Tsunami of Love. The New Hellenic Television set a radiomarathon to collect money for the victims, and it is unbelievable to see the people how do they respont on this Humanitarian call. You can see little children, old men, people of all kind of social status giving willingly money.

    Olympic winners gave their metals, their shoes and cloths to be sold in auctions, the President of the Hellenic Repuplic some items for the same reason, the National Football Team - the Champions of Europe 2004 gave lot of their personal sport items. What is happenic in my country is amasing and the amount that raised up to now it is 20 million dollars, and more to come...

    As I have observed the world it is in alert regarding the victims of the Tsunami disaster, and all of us contribute money, cloths, food, medicine, to help them. I have observed not only in my country that others are doing the same.

    Indeed we gave HOPE for the people in Asia, and most of ALL we gave LOVE. It is love that motivates all of us to help them no matter what religion are, or skin colour.

    The Watchtower it is absend from this Tsunami of Love. The leaders of the American Cult called Jehovahs Witness are locked in the ivory towers of Brooklyn unable to see beyond their walls. They cannot see, or FEEL the real Love that all of us have shown to the people of Asia. They are trapped in their doomsday doctrines and they just can't do what Jesus did. Help and LOVE ALL the world.

    I'm proud to be human and Mankind has shown that indeed we can love and help each other no matter what religion we are.

    Tsunami of Love crushed over the Tsunami of disaster and the Tsunami of Love has flooded the all World...

  • under74

    "The Watchtower it is absend from this Tsunami of Love."

    Ahhh, but Cliff Richards mother is a JW. Maybe they can point to the fact that Richards himself studied with the WTS.

    Serious though, the WTS has always been this way--not helping out in disasters. They can say "Jehovah provides" or point to some miracle at some KH in India and justify not contributing to the effort to help.

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