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  • Sparkplug

    Hello, I am am trying to figure out where to locate ex JW's that I knew long ago...Is there a certian area that you put a posting on just in case someone is out there. New to this posting thing. Help is appreciated!

  • Sparkplug

    I guess I should say that I have been in Sant Fe NM, TX, Mo, Wy and was in what seems like an eternity and and a lifetime ago. That may help..

  • AlmostAtheist

    There's an "Experiences & Reunions" topic you could post in. Here's a thread similar to what it sounds like you're looking for, you can click New Topic from there and it will post in the right place.

    Good luck!


  • Sparkplug

    Thank you so much. I have a new hero...forever until tomorrow. I will give it a try later tonight. I swear I was beginning to feel df'ed from the df sight. Everytime I tried to join in or ask a question I recieved no response or everyone went away. I think I need to read up on internet manners and how to melt into the verbage pot.

    Even worse, I have struggled with being too mild all my life due to my "meeklike" training, so it is really hard to "jump in the conversation" when everyone is fired up. lol I did have a good time reading about people and experiences so far. I really hope I find some of my former mates. I know there is hardly one that is still a witness, or alive knowing my comrads but with marriages, divorces, moves and no point of contact I am not having much luck. So thank you so much and after much thought I will get the courage to try to post again. Maybe not sound so alien when I type....

    You don' know anyone from NM (mainly) or Texas? Do ya?


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