How many do you think there really are?

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  • ConcernedMom

    Whenever I hear anyone referring to "false" gods or "the one true" god, it reminds me of the old game show To Tell the Truth.
    #1: I am the one true god.
    #2: I am the one true god.
    #3: I am the one true god.
    Do you really think there a multiple beings out there vying for our votes like mudslinging candidates in an election?
    Personally, I've always felt that, although we might disagree about the nature (or very existence) of God, we were still talking about the same being.
    Just wondering...

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    one god, who gets lost in all the translations...

  • Elsewhere

    In the past all religions has many gods... each god trying to get more authority than the others. Then one day someone came up with a clever idea: When someone challenged the power of his religion and its gods, they guy responded saying that he had only one god who could do anything and had authority over everything.

    Monotheism basically resulted from a "my god can beat up your god" pissing match between different religions.

  • Neophulis

    My weird sense of logic always allowed my personal extreme belief that we were a prototype gone wrong. Just as any creator or inventor would occur, there are certain prototypes that were missing certain elements to make the product completely perfect or good enough to use or sell.

    We are among different kinds of species made throughout the galaxy and we have particular flaws to our genetic make-up. I don't know if God would allow us to go through all this time suffering and hurting and killing one another. I simply feel we were like this to begin with. We had a few programming errors in our genetic make up and I'm sure that if this theory is correct, whoever is watching us analying us would put down in their notes

    "They like to fight a lot."

    "They can't seem to resist having sex...lots and lots of sex."

    "Many have an affinity with becoming euphoric through drugs and chemical substances."

    We have other flaws of course as humans, but I've always felt we were just an experiment gone wrong and we're being analyzed everyday. Religion could possibly be one of those challenges. Whether we fall for them or not. Whether we allow one man to control the rest. Whether we are strong enough to make decisions for one's self and create our own path to follow. Our creator, (i.e. God) left us plenty of clues to figure out who he/she is and the experiment continues for each and every one of us to find him and worship him as necessary. The only thing left for us to interpret as a manual for living is the bible. And that's our hand-manual as to how we were born, how we should live, why things are the way they are and what we ultimately would expect to occur should we fall under the final generation that would experience "Armageddon".

    This theory lends itself to many beliefs of Aliens and other living species because I truly can't believe that we ARE THE ONLY ONES in this galaxy. We were just one of many species that are being experimented on and evaluated. We were just put in the proper location where we more than likely will not discover other species in maybe another millennium or two.

    Do I believe this is actually what happened, NO! It's just a wacky theory to make light of what could be our existence. It's not too far fetched if you can accept the fact that our creators couldn't get the invention right the first time and we are basically the faulty merchandise in an attempt to create a superior being for whatever reason.

    I would love to believe that when I die I can get an answer to my questions about life. I never liked the theory that we just fall into an eternal grave like the JWs believe in. I could only hope that my theory of death is correct in which we engage with a conversation with God as he judges us and talks to us about our actions and why we did what we did, good or wrong.

    But I sometimes fear that there truly isn't any actual reason why we exist which slightly lends itself to atheism which I try every day not to agree with.

  • dh

    i think if there is a god, mankind does not even have a concept for what it is.

  • Narkissos

    "The gods are dead but they have died from laughing, on hearing one god claim to be the only one. `Is not precisely this godliness, that there are gods but no God?'"

    (Friedrich Nietzsche)

  • Dan-O

    Define "God". I think there's probably a boatload of superior lifeforms out there in the universe. But my definition of "God" doesn't synch with the traditional Dub definition of an eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent single being.

  • BrendaCloutier

    ConcernedMom - I laughed my arse off on the To Tell The Truth.... That's a riot!

    Neophulis, Sex is not a flaw. It is a means to keep a species alive. In the human animal, we supposedly have the choice of how we will use or abuse this basal animal instict. It is as basic a human-animal need as food, shelter, water, companionship.

    God vs Gods. Islam believes Allah is the same god as YHWH of the Jews, and (your choice here) of the Christians.

    I have found in my spiritual quest in american indian spirituality, that it is not a animal based religion as many believe, but has one god, or Great Spirit. This GS has different names based on the tribe and language. The animal spirits are simply the animals nature we can derive insight and enlightement from.

    In poly-theism, what I have noted is that "God" is broken down into individuals that portray a specific character or personality. If they were all combined, you would likely have the personality or characteristic of the 'one' god. Except maybe more loving...

    So much for god-philosophy


    Psst: Peace begins with me - pass it on!

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Hey, I just thought of something.....

    Isn't worshipping god and all that it entails, (pleasing, etc), a pagan ritual?

  • Neophulis

    LOL, I didn't really say that having sex is a flaw in that portion of my posts. I was just giving examples of what "superior beings" would most likely conclude upon an analysis of our species as a whole. The overall flaw that I was really trying to get at was all the problems that we as humans go through and just providing some examples of our somewhat predictable behavior patterns. We all don't particpate in similar activities or lifestyles but as a whole group, I'm sure they would conclude on those three points as well as many others.

    I was basically just getting at the fact that we could possibly be part of some experiment and data would show that those are some of our common behavior patterns. It's mainly tongue-in-cheek in all honestly, I don't really believe that sex is a flaw...

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