Finding Phyllis Hyman

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  • prophecor

    I have just come across a new Phyllis Hyman recording that has my favorite tune " The Love Too Good to Last " on it. It was originally on the " Can't We Fall in Love Again ?" recording, with Micheal Henderson. I have watched record stores for over 15 years, hoping to either find this album or a greatest hits version with this specific cut on it.

    For quite sometime, I had all but given up on ever being able to find one, short of having to order a $50.00 out of print Japanese import. My persistence in this matter has finally paid off. The Biblical principle of keep on seeking, and you will find, keeping knocking and the door will ( eventually ) be opened to you, has once again proven itself true for me.

    BTW, I have a special affinity for Phyllis Hyman as we both share the same birthday.

    Don't mean to bore all of you.

    Just felt like sharing.

  • minimus

    I think she died within the last couple of years. She had a GREAT voice!

  • TresHappy

    Ms. Hyman died in 1995.

  • Brummie

    Phylis Hyman committed suicide, shame since she was a great singer, "You know how to love me" is one of my favs and I still play it now.

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