Jw's Rat on themselves.

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  • ko38

    I just recieved an old 1920 copy of millions now living will never die.This book is chuck full of beliefs that have not only no scriptural foundation,but teachings that the witnesses as a whole have never heard of.It talks of the jews still recieving favor in those times(1914 on)It speaks of Talking with the dead and refers to another book Talking with the dead to understand how it is done.OLD judge rutherford is in rare form in this book.I bought it for my mother to read and i hope she will see the falicy.I bet it will take more than this though.My heart is troubled with many wrongdoings both done to me and my family.(some here may recall the things done to me and my daughter by my father).I have since 10-04 renounced my faith in jws and now feel that i must at least show all those that are willing or who will listen to me long enough, how much of a bull$h!" organization this is.

    Please help me to do this.I am aware of freeminds.com and that is a very valuable source.But you those that have been there i feel are even more valuable.thanks in advance for your help

  • seeitallclearlynow

    the book is for sale on Randy Watters' site, freeminds - reduced from $500 to $195, in good condition. He has only the one copy available!!


    Hope this helps, ko.

  • ko38

    What will brownboy say to this one?Thenew light is something that is very hard to swallow.And so is this when they claimed that jesus came to them and chose them in 1919 and found them to be the true religion without blame and faulsehood.Its laughable.

  • vitty

    I dont know how people where taken in by this in those days, as most people had a good religious upbringing, what I mean is most people read there bibles and went to chuch. Unlike today most people are ignorant and so when the JWs mislead them by twisting scripture, they dont know what its really saying

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