JW ignore you for good reason

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  • one

    This is not an introduction to sociology, just typing without much reflection.

    Do you think the wt would survive if they did not shun or ignore "apostates" (or anyone who does not follow the rules), be realistic, jw org is still an small group with survival instincts..

    Besides ignoring, is a very tipical human trick anyway, or do you think you could be accepted in any private club you want to? ( just and an 'example')

    I ignore beggars many times as i think they should do better.

    Even when people smile they may be ignoring in a polite way. Dont you ignore people?

    If so WHAT ARE you motives?

  • stillajwexelder

    Do you think the wt would survive if they did not shun or ignore "apostates" (or anyone who does not follow the rules),

    Yes - I think they would be viewed in a better light if they stopped doing this - and casue less hurt amongst family members - if they had not DFd Ray Franz they would be in a better states=

  • kgfreeperson

    I don't see how any high-control organization can tolerate dissention in the ranks. It makes perfect sense to me that questioners must be cast out and non-questioners "protected" from the doubters. Once Rutherford took over, JWs were doomed to cult status. I do wonder what would have become of them if Rutherford's wishes had been respected as to how the organization should proceed. I'm always surprised to find that human organizations seem to hold together better when they talk about love and "family values" but really value (and exercise control through fear of expulsion and spiritual death.

  • one

    Initially I presented more than one question and hoped to see more than one answer in each reply.

    tw more question,

    do you think the usa army or any, could function as desgined if they tolerated anyone who does not follow certain rules?

    oh, if your jw family ignore you, who are you going to blame?

    jw can make all the rules they want, all who follow the rules do it on voluntary basis. In most cases they wont take away your life, job or properties if you dont follow their rules.

    German who killed jews were not without responsability just by saying they obeyed orders, even if not obeying could imply...

  • garybuss

    The only way they can survive and still be dishonest (like the UN association), and mean (like their secret trials), and greedy (like the Tacoma Dome parking scandal), like they are now is to not allow current members to listen to information about their practices. The shunning is not to punish former members, it's to protect themselves from the truth being told about their own history and practices.

  • snakeizz

    Speak on it! @garybuss

  • Aude_Sapere
    ...greedy (like the Tacoma Dome parking scandal)

    What happened at Tacoma Dome??

  • SheilaM

    The spelling for the love of God .....<runs from the thread>

  • garybuss
  • iiz2cool

    I have a better reason for ignoring them. "Bad associations spoil useful habits."

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