Two faced Islam, heroin, the U.N., and Georgie Dubya

by lawrence 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • lawrence

    the mullahs bless 80,000 kids in Karachi shooting up

    the mullahs bless 300 traders with simple scales

    the mullahs bless the loading of the trucks

    10 kg. of opium brings $600 to the Afghan people

    $12,000 to the Turkish peasant, $50,000 to the Dutch retailer

    $1.5 million to the street addicts in good times, $4 million in bad times

    opium in balls, opium drying in cellars

    bazaar in the town of Sangia, wooden stalls some with parasols

    local mafia controlled, and well known to the U.N.

    the mullahs bless 3 million junkies with junk in Iran

    the mullahs bless millions with junk in Pakistan

    the mullahs bless 80,000 kids in Karachi shooting up

  • stillajwexelder

    and I have seen many muslims gamble and drink alcohol also - but in fairness there are two-faced people of all religions - I think the WTBTS is one of the most two-faced of all

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