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  • Blue_Shadow

    What happens after you have learned the orgins of certain holidays, do you continue to avoid them or celebrate them? How about religion change,now that you leave the "truth" what religion do you seek? It seems mind doubting to think about celebrating holidays you've avioded all your life.


  • blondie

    Hi, Blue Shadow.

    Finding a religion, that is up to you. But be careful. Really, examine the Bible and the religions that say they follow it. Can you be a spiritual person without belonging to an organized religion?

    As to holidays, some ex-JWs jump in right away, some wait awhile, others pick the parts they feel comfortable with, some even start out celebrating and then ease off.

    For once, it is really your decision, not a matter of "conscience" that the WTS says it is and then it becomes a matter of not damaging someone else's conscience.

    Either way, do it because you have made an examination and it is your decision.

    Welcome, Blondie

  • momof5

    Hi, I just posted almost the same question under another subject! And how can you possibly see Jesus as God? And how can you ever believe in hellfire? Where can we go now and still have some hope in our lives? Isn't Jehovah Gods real name? Doesn't he care if we use it or not? There are some things that you just can't forget! Was it all lies? Was the foundation correct but something just went wrong? What is the truth? Is there a truth?

    Yes, I am very confused too!


  • under74

    Welcome to the forum Blue_Shadow and momof5.

    Blue_Shadow- I was raised a JW and I now celebrate the holidays with my family but it's not about the origins of the holidays for us. It's all about the time together and the huge dinners. As far as religion goes, I agree with blondie in that it's a personal matter that you have to find out for yourself. I'm not religious and that works for me but others might want to seek out another church. The only thing I would say about this is that there are many other religions and they aren't going anywhere...you shouldn't rush into anything.

    momof5- Stick around the forum awhile and I think you'll get a lot of information. However, some of your questions can only be answered by you and it'll take a little while but you'll get to where you can answer them for yourself. As far as the doctrine questions go you should look at the "best of" section from Lady Lee. There are tons of great threads that have to do with your questions.

    *Sometimes being confused is good. It means you're taking more than one opinion into consideration.

  • Sirona

    Welcome to the forum Blue Shadow and Momof5 (wow, 5 kids! )

    I think that it is sometimes difficult to realise, when you first leave the JWs, that there are others out there who are ExJWs and they've also managed to be very comfortable and confident in their choice of religion. What I mean is, there are ExJWs who are very spiritual Christians. These people have gone back to the basics of the bible and have realised that the WTS's interpretation may not be correct.

    There are others here who do not believe. They've probably gone through much of the questioning and simply concluded that after looking at scientific evidence aswell as the background of the bible (please look into that if you can....non-jw material about the bible abounds) - they simply can't believe in an Almighty God.

    What matters, I suppose, is that you as individuals follow the right path for YOU. I'm not saying ignore your conscience, I'm not saying be selfish. I'm saying you must examine for yourself what is true and what is not true. That examination is so much more than just reading the Watchtower publications - SO much more. Read about a lot of things from a lot of sources. If you want your questions regarding Christianity answered, why not get hold of a Christian theology book (I'm sure people here would give good recommendations if you asked for it). Whichever books you read, you are still able to think critically about them - you don't have to accept them as truth - you just need to be open minded enough to mull over what you've read and assess if it "fits".

    If you read read read and question question question, you could even find yourself back at the Kingdom Hall. At least then you'd know that your choice to attend the JWs was the right choice for you. However, you might just find a belief system which really does make sense to you (minus the apparent control and deception that you'll find in a cult).

    Then years from now, when you are confident that you're on the right path spiritually, you'll meet someone who totally disagrees with your stance. (I get this all the time with people like FunkyDerek). The thing is, this won't be too much of a problem for you, because for once in your life you'll have read around the subject, you'll have made your own mind up (instead of it being made up for you as it usually is in the JW religion) - you'll be able to have healthy debates about it.

    Then you won't need to ask whether celebrating Christmas is OK because you'll know.

    I think that's the best advice I can give.

    I hope you are blessed in your search.


  • garybuss

    I think anyone who would eat an egg is really not that concerned with origins.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hi and welcome, Blue Shadow and Momof5! The following link, if you haven't already found it here, may be helpful to you.

    So glad you found us!

    Newbies! Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

  • SixofNine

    lol @ Garybuss.

    momof5 "Isn't Jehovah Gods real name?"

    Nope. "jehovah" is a rather piss poor stab at translation. In addition, do you call your father by his name?

    btw, it's the foundation of the JW org that is so perverse. They may get some small things right (trinity? maybe, maybe not, certainly not really important per Jesus words and attitude), but their basis is a joke. Pastor Russell, Rutherford, Franz? These men were insane megalomaniacs, and Jehovahs Witnesses have ended up worshiping their words.

  • gumby


    It nice you have the guts to take a fresh and new approach to things to see what is real and what is not. Doing what you are now doing, that being asking questions and seeking truth is a big step and a scary one as you now have many things to "re-figure". Take them one at a time.

    What happens after you have learned the orgins of certain holidays, do you continue to avoid them or celebrate them

    What if you found out the first car was made by a male witch....would you still drive? What if your house you lived in was once known to be a house of ill-repute 60 years ago....would you move?

    I would suggest to read on sites as this one and read up on the subject of jehovahs witnesses from sources other than the WTBTS. These two sources alone will answer many or all of your questions.


  • SeeSee

    Celebrate this: You have a choice! No one can tell you whether or not to celebrate a certain holiday unless it is in the Bible.

    The bible is full of celebrations - including feasts comanded by God to be observed forever. Jesus celebrated these holidays, and it is recorded that he was in Jersusalem during the "winter holiday". (The only Jewish holiday celebrated in the winter is Hannukah!) The scriptures don't say he was there to celebrate it, he certainly was there during the celebration.

    As this:

    If it is wrong to celebrate certain holidays because the pagans did it; then wouldn't it right to celebrate the holidays that Jesus did?

    You know Jesus celebrated the Passover. In fact, the "memorial" supper was actually a Jewish Seder. The wine was Passover wine. The bread that he broke, was Matzo. (bread with leavening is soft and tears, but matzo - the only bread allowed in Jerusalem during the 8 days of Passover - cracks and "breaks".) Then there is Queen Ester's celebrationm, Purim. And David danced in celebration of Simcha Torah. Why, God's own angels came in celebration of Jesus birth!

    My JW family would never celebrate birthday's because they said it was pagan and Herod cut off the head of John the Baptist as a birthday gift." Does the horror of that dreadful man (isn't he the same one who'd ordered all the baby boys in Bethlehem murdered in an attempt to kill his competition - "the King of the Jews") awful act mean that no one should ever celebrate the joy of having one they love with them for another year? Is there any difference between that and the currently Witness-approved keeping of wedding anniversaries?

    Have you ever thought "What true man of God would dare to use the Lord's name to say Christians should have no celebations?" And "Who would dare to stand before the Almighty to say that "He who changes not" has changed His mind about His feasts being kept forever. If one believed those men, one would also have to dobt Jehvah's keeping his promises for say, a new heavens and a new earth.

    Trust God. Don't trust them. Don't trust me either. Examine the scriptures about this for yourself. Don't read books about what the Bible says. Read the word. The only way to prove God right, and every man a liar - by HIS WORD alone.

    Be joyful, SeeSee

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