suffering for generations

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  • mgm

    Hello together
    the one still attending the bookstudy maybe remeber the last week paragraph which said:

    "Sons should not suffer for the mistakes of there fathers and grandfathers" in other word: "every person will be judged by there own life and mistakes"

    When I read that, I had to laugh for myself.
    According to the WT and bible are uncountable genenrations and billions of people suffering for years because of the mistake of two people, Adam and Eve.

    And there are many examples of generations,which suffered because of the grandfathers faults in the old testament....

    What do you think about?

  • Carmel

    MGM, your thought is "Grand"!

  • Simon

    That's a good point mgm
    There are other scriptures where Jehovah is punishing people for what their forefathers did so something doesn't make sense.

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