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  • mann377

    I bet you didn't kniw that hotel managers lied to get the dubs to stay at the hotels. This must be a big deal to the WTBS as this is the second time, in the same insert they bring up the "approved hotels" issue. I don't remember reading about this years ago.

  • ozziepost

    No, It has been done before.

    But really, what a life was that, to have to be told where to book and how and all that? "You will book at this hotel!" All part of cultism.

  • blondie

    The WTS switched the DC in this area to a much smaller city farther away with limited hotel rooms. Some people had to book in hotels an hour or two away and found that they had rodents sharing their room. Others just realized they might as well sleep at home and get up early to drive. The parking is slack and very little is accessible to the disabled people. Some solved the problem by going to another city that their circuit was not assigned to. The WTS gets a deal at this facility because it is run down and undergoing renovation. The closest hotel to the facility is not on the approved list. When the owner was interviewed in the local paper, he said that at least he hoped some would eat at the restaurant at his hotel. I bet there were JWs at his hotel...I wonder if elders were stationed at the door to catch them leaving with their name tags on jotting down the name of their congregation.

  • candidlynuts

    the year i quit going the DC was in Louisville ky. attendance between 13k and 15k..

    last couple of years (maybe 3) they moved to Evansville Ind. attendance between 3 - 5k. ( that was the number given by my sis who attended. i could be off a K or two but still very much smaller than the previous years)

    most drive back and forth.. the hotels arent great . last time i drove thru evansville it was kind of a dingy run down town.

    but..........they arent losing members.. they still show a growth....... .....right? :P .

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