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  • candidlynuts

    i was raised jw.. and for all my bitterness toward the wtbs i had great parents.

    over the weekend i was thinking about questions i'd ask them as a child..

    such as:

    Q " people that go to churches believe in God with their whole heart.. are they gonna die in armageddon?"

    A. " jehovah will reach those who have good hearts"

    Q " so all those people who dont see that they should be jw's , they all have bad hearts?"

    A " no.. they just havent seen the light yet"

    Q " but the talk today said everyones gonna die soon except for us"

    A. " the brother that gave the talk cant see peoples hearts just Jehovah and Jesus"

    (ok thats great..but now that i'm older dads answer isnt what the jw answer would be)

    Q " why did jehovah kill all the babies in egypt."

    A. " to make pharoh let his people go"

    Q " but why babies? the babies werent preventing any one from leaving"

    A " go play outside"

    Q " why did Jehovah let all the babies die in Jesus day when he was born and they were trying to kill Jesus"

    A "Go play outside"

    Q " why did Jehovah kill all of jobs family off just because satan wanted to test Job"

    A. " because satan said if everything was taken away from job he'd quit serving god"

    Q " but why did his wife and kids have to die"

    A " thats just what happened.. i dont know..i know he got a new wife and kids"

    Q" so that made it better? getting a new wife and kids?"

    A. " i guess it made job happy after all the bad things that happened to him"

    Q " would you be happy if all us kids died and Jehovah just gave you 7 new ones?"

    A. " stuff like that dont happen now a days"

    Q " why did Jehovah kill davids baby when it was david and bathsheba that sinned not the baby"

    A. " he did it to show he was angry at them for sinning"

    Q " so if you do something wrong Jehovah is going to kill me?"

    A " No .. that was back then.. jehovah changed his laws where the kids dont have to pay for the sins of the father"

    any questions any of you can remember asking as a child?

    i was one curious kid and still dont know anythign lol

  • teela(2)

    I asked "if the dub's were God"s chosen people how come they didn't exist throughout history?"

    Got a mumble for that one.

  • Bubbamar

    You must have been a pretty smart kid!!! Those are some great questions.

    I can remember asking my mom about 1975. All I remember her saying is "they (GB) didn't say it!"

    I also remember asking something about how Noah got ALL the animals from all over the planet to the ark. She said Jehovah can do anything.

  • Poztate

    That is a list of good questions.As usual the WT does not have any good answers for any of them.

  • candidlynuts

    yeah i was a bright child... it faded over the years lmao

    everyone used to say my middle name was " WHY?"

    i remember asking the noah question too.. and being told he didnt have to get every kind of each species that they all developed out of what was taken..such as he took two dogs and every breed of dog came from that pair.. and asking well if thats true WHY isnt evolution correct?

    i quit asking questions around 8 yrs old lmao.. didnt get enough answers!

  • Kaethra

    I asked similar questions too...many times! I remember staring in disbelief at the pictures of the flood in the My Book of Bible Stories book with women and children, little babies, and animals outside the ark scared to death and crying. I kept asking my mom why they all had to die??? Her answer was that they didn't listen to Noah. I would say, but the kids couldn't help it! And the animals! Well dear, it's just like with our preaching today...mommies and daddies are responsible for their children. Talk about trying to screw up a perfectly good sense of injustice.

  • sandy
    Well dear, it's just like with our preaching today...mommies and daddies are responsible for their children.

    On top of this answer j-dubs say how it is really going to hurt Jehovah to have to destroy all the children of God-less parents.

    I used to think Jehovah could spare the innocent children. What honest-hearted person that survives armegeddon is going to question that?

    Regarding the story of Job, that story always used to make me feel sad. I wondered why Jehovah thought he could just replace Job's family with a new wife and kids and everythhing would be ok.

    JW answers to questions like these never satisfied me. Why couldn't God just destroy Adam and Eve and start all over? If he knew how much damage human beings would do to themselves and the earth why not spare us and only do away with Adam and eve?

    Dubs think they have all the answers to questions like these. If they do, why are we still questioning?

  • candidlynuts

    kaethra.. i had nightmares from the paradise books pics of little girls falling into the pit at armageddon. the same about the flood pics.. wasnt that a HORRIBLE thing to show a young child? even if your parents didnt say it ( mine didnt) the implied reasoning is " look what will happen if your not a good kid" AAAAACK

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