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    I've begun to research the Islamic Religion since I find that more and more news involves this religion in some way or another. I've noticed quite a few cult-like behaviors too, within this religion.

    1. Islam calls sects within itself or former members 'apostates'.
    2. Islam calls itself 'the only true religion'.
    3. Family members shun (and sometimes kill) anyone who was born into this religion and later rejects its teachings.
    4. The religion uses 'brainwashing' to control its members.

    These are only a few items out of many that could be listed. I have made a web-page with many links to help in my research.

  • My Islamic Links Page

  • Can anyone help me find an ex-muslim discussion forum that is the same quality as JWD is for ex-dubs??


    NewLight2's The Occult, Egypt and the Watchtower Page (Links Page)
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