What kind of good leftovers are you eating tonight?

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  • MelbaToast

    Just a friendly hi How are you to everyone. Hope you had a good Turkey day.

    My best friend brought me over this sweet potato casserole that has a brown sugar pecan topping on it that is to DIE for! What goodies are you snacking on tonight?

    My little Hannahbear sat in her high chair for 3 quarters of a football game and would give people "the look" if they got in between her and the tv. LOL. Th Colts scored a TD and bot her hands went up in the air. Just a good day, with no bickering, and a good time by all.

    Hope everyones Thanksgiving was a good one. *Sigh* now its back to homework for me.....


  • LyinEyes

    Howdy Melba and the little one!!!!

    Well, today we had turkey, then some turkey salad ( made with celery, onions, mayo, spices like chicken salad) and just made some bacon because we are sick of turkey already...

    We had a good day today, went shopping a bit,,,,,my son found his beloved LSU ( college football) camaflauge(Sp) hat,,,,,,,,WalMart,,,,,,,then Hubby and I went to the local bar, for some beer.

    I got to say goodbye to a hometown guy heading off to Iraq to work and we talked alot about his fears, and how he would love to hear from us here at home and get goody packages from time to time.

    All and all...... I feel thankful. I really do.

    Love ya,,,,,,,Dede

  • bebu

    We had a near-repeat of last night's dinner. It was all very good, and much easier to make tonight (of course).

    What a cute little bug you have! She's a sweetie!!!


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    We finished off the turkey with some good friends.

    Just as good a night as our first Kiwi Thanksgiving.

    We made mince patties out of the leftover breast, lots of gravy and cranberry sauce, a huge pile of fresh asparagus in a white sauce and a good bottle of red.

  • Golf

    Were having our Turkey dinner tonight. My mom and daughter who are witnesses will be over, its a family affair, none of this crap as to who believes what or what group one is associated with, this is a family matter! I'm very lucky because we as a family make it happen. Everyone lives their separate lives and everyone minds their own business. No leftovers tonight, fresh turkey and good spirits. Guest77

  • Undecided

    Some of this.

    Ken P.

  • Kenneson

    Went to some friends' house for Thanksgiving. The lady of the house sent me home with a giant plate of turkey, ham, oyster dressing, sweet potatoes, squash, dessert, etc. Since I went to a wedding anniversary reception yesterday evening I didn't get around to the leftovers until lunch today. But it was just as good as on Thanksgiving.

  • Mulan

    We had leftovers last night, really good.

    Tonight I was planning on steak, but Dave asked for leftovers again, so they are in the oven. I make his mother's concoction she called "Log Cabin Pie". It is a layer of turkey, a layer of dressing, and topped with gravy. I have a lot of homemade cranberry sauce too, and veggies. Mom's night off, I call it.

  • kat2u

    I have a nasty cold, so we are having turkey noodle soup!

  • MelbaToast

    yum. everything sounds good, and I am so happy for you Golf, that you can be with your witness family. That must be nice.

    Thank you bebu, Ive seen pictures of your bugs too and they are precious. Especially the avatar pic...little angels. Hannah makes everyday worth living to me just to see her smiles.

    Well, Im off the hook until a week before Xmas, my daughters 1st birthday, and we will be having a great big shindig then, and of course christmas. This is going to be so cool, I cant wait to see her face when I start hanging up all the lights...she has saw a couple of houses really decked out and she screeches with delight.

    I love having christmas and birthdays so close together...in June we also have a "party week" my b-day is on the 13th, our anniversary is on the 15, and DH's b-day is on the 17th.

    The holidays rock!


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