Never mind WMD ... Halliburton can't find their own stuff !

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  • Simon

    I can't believe that the US people put up with this pantomime!

  • seawolf

    We're so used to it here that I don't think people really notice.

    Example: Remember when the stories hit that the pentagon lost a trillion $ ??

    The Department of Defense, already infamous for spending $640 for a toilet seat, once again finds itself under intense scrutiny, only this time because it couldn't account for more than a trillion dollars in financial transactions, not to mention dozens of tanks, missiles and planes.

  • teejay
    I can't believe that the US people put up with this pantomime!

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm open to suggestions as to what you think we can do about it.

  • Xena

    Bowen's findings mark the latest bad news for Vice President Dick Cheney's former company, which is the focus of both a criminal investigation into alleged fuel price gouging and an FBI inquiry into possible favoritism from the Bush administration.

    The Associated Press reported Wednesday that FBI agents have extensively interviewed an Army contracting officer who last month went public with allegations that the Bush administration was improperly awarding contracts to Halliburton without competitive bidding.

    An Army whistleblower who raised concerns that the Pentagon improperly awarded business to Vice President Dick Cheney?s former company has been interviewed extensively by the FBI and is gathering documents to help agents.

    The Associated Press reported last month that the FBI had expanded a criminal probe into allegations Halliburton overcharged the government for fuel, adding questions about whether the Bush administration improperly awarded business in Iraq and the Balkans to Halliburton without bidding.
    In a related development, the inspector general reviewing the spending of U.S. funds in Iraq is recommending the Army consider withholding 15 percent of Halliburton?s money on future contracts to address allegations the company has not documented all of the work it has been paid for in the past.

    Problems uncovered
    Pentagon auditors and congressional Democrats have repeatedly turned up problems with Halliburton?s contracts. Among the examples cited are:
    • the U.S. ambassador to Kuwait intervened to ensure that Halliburton retained a favored Kuwaiti subcontractor for gasoline imports to Iraq. Administration officials have said only career contracting officials made decisions on Halliburton contracts.
    • in 2002, Cheney?s chief of staff, a political appointee, was told the vice president?s former company would receive no-bid work to restore Iraq?s oil facilities. Cheney?s spokesman said the information was not given to the vice president.
    • Halliburton charged the government $2.68 a gallon to import Kuwaiti gasoline to Iraq; a U.S. government agency did the same job for $1.57 a gallon.
    • Pentagon auditors recommended withholding nearly $160 million in payments, saying Halliburton charged the military for meals in and around Iraq that never were served.

  • Simon

    I bet they charged for the fake-turkey dinner that Bush paraded around

  • czarofmischief


    There's a fair bit of stuff that Starbucks can't account for... heh heh heh... it's right wing welfare... har har har...


  • SixofNine

    :... it's right wing welfare

    If only there wasn't any truth to that!

  • LyinEyes


    *throws hands up*

    Ditto what Teejay said.

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