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  • Parliament

    Thanksgiving...I remember when I was told that JW's didn't celebrate thanksgiving. I remember when I was a kid that, that was the day for our entire witness family to get together. I was told everyone was off of work and turkey was cheap and it's a great excuse for everyone to get together. But we weren?t celebrating. After I decided to leave, thanksgiving was spent with my girlfriend?s family. It was no different than any other thanksgiving I attended in the past. We weren?t sacrificing a turkey to some other god. We were just getting together. I now called it "celebrating thanksgiving". Today my JW family is getting together at an uncles house just to get together, because everyone is off of work and, the turkeys cheap. Also today, that old girlfriends (now my wife of 15 years) family will be coming to my house to celebrate thanksgiving, because everyone is off of work, the turkeys cheap and it's a great excuse for everyone to get together. The only difference is, is that I acknowledge what I?m doing, and I'm not looking down on anyone today for getting together with family, for this most excellent family holiday.

    To those not able to get together with family or friends today. Just remember your not alone. Many today may feel that there isn't anyone there for them. Dont feel that way, it's just a matter of time til that feeling will go away. THE BEST OF TIMES, AND LIFE ARE CLOSE. My thoughts are with you and many others today.

    Happy Turkey Day

  • Elsewhere

    Ahhh yes... I remember how my family would always have Turkey Day! Odd how it always fell on or near Thanksgiving day.

  • Scarlet

    My family on thanksgiving day would get together and bbq hamburgers at the park and on friday all get together for turkey. Its funny my cousins husbands family who celebrates thanksgiving all get together at the park for thanksgiving instead of having a traditional meal. Isn't thanksgiving just about family and friends and being able to all get together and get along for one day. Isn't that what the whole holiday season is. Its a time of giving and togetherness and letting all the differences you have go away for this time of year. I always felt the holiday season was the nicest time of year. My mom used to tell me see how awful all the people are and stressed out and I would think no I see how happy the people are to give and be with their families. I always envied that growing up.

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