November 25th 1988 "Earthquake"

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  • JH

    16 years ago today, an earthquake of 6.2 shook a good region of Quebec and eastern Ontario. I was an active JW then. I was baptized just a few months earlier. In my mind and in the mind of other witnesses, this earthquake seemed to fit in so well with Jesus's prophecies concerning the end times.

    The next day in the field service, we jumped on the occasion to read Matthew 24 talking about earthquakes during the end times.

    Today, 16 years later, this event is meaningless and forgotten. But, 16 years ago, as a newly converted JW, I thought that the end had to be very close, because of this earthquake. Not only I, but the entire congregation.

  • JH

    Not only I, but I guess many held on to one event as a sign of the end.

    Who else thought the end was close because of one incident?

  • Pole

    Earlier this year, there was a little earthquake (they're not even sure if it was an earthquake) here in Poland. Very exceptional. And from what I've heard, it was brought up by some witnesses in private

  • heart2heart


    I remember that earthquake, it was on my 8th birthday! I wasn't a Witness though, so it didn't affect me that way - just scared me because everything in our house was shaking! That is the only earthquake I have ever felt though (that I can remember anyway).


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