The Armageddon Script?

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  • Goodboy

    I have been considering world events lately and it seems that Americans are being herded toward a war in the middle east with no end in sight. Iran is on the horizon and as the primary Islamic nation (and surely possesing nuclear weapons), the issue of Jew versus Arab looms large on the horizon. As I understand it, Abraham had two sons. His firstborn, Ishmael, was sent away and his ancestor, Mohammed, is the savior of the Muslims who claim to be his lineage. The second son, Issac, sired the lineage which resulted in the tribes of Israel and their ancestor, Jesus Christ who was a jew but not accepted by his own people. It is interesting to me that Ishmael is the firstborn of Abraham. Doesn't the firstborn of a father have some kind of right in Jehovah/Allah's eyes? Can anyone tell me if Islam mentions this in regard to their claim to the Abrahamic line? I wonder if there are members of both sides who feel that for their religious dreams to come true, they must remove all traces of the other line from world history. Additionally, I wonder what price the other would pay for such a thing to occur. Considering that Christianity was surely infiltrated by Zionists prior to Constantine (I say this out of respect for the sublime intelligence abilities of Mossad), one cannot disagree that the Christian majority of the world is (and has been) fairly aligned with the Jewish decisionmakers in regard to their position on the Arab issue. The Christian west established the state of Isreal. For all the talk of peacefulness, I wonder if some maniacal followers of the Abrahamic Jehovah/Allah god could envision a future "paradise" being built after all the religions and nations of the world have been mutually destroyed in Global Thermonuclear War. Contrary to public belief, nuclear war will still have lots of humans surviving relatively untouched. Humanity has had sixty years to tunnel into the earth for an assumed nuclear conflagration. I wonder if the Watchtower and their 'end times' script might actually be a peek into a much larger world script ending with WW3 and the 'New System". Thoughts?

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Where does area 51 and the aliens fit in to this scenario?

  • Vivamus

    In no way do I give credit to the watchtower that they would actually know, by devine or demonic voice, the script of future events. Just that they predict armageddon and a peaceful time afterwards is not such a shocking thing. Its not a diffcult task to predict an ending of these times. And for fairytale values they give a paradise as a reward, or comfort for those that survive. Considering that the watchtower was formed in a time were insecurity, fear, doubt ruled in society's mind it's no wonder they formed the story of jehovah and his so called plan ... and its no wonder the watchtower became a success too.

    About the maniacs .. well, there are examples enough of those and what their crazy minds come up with often sounds fantastical. Its just though luck for the sane people ridiculing them - when some things come true ...

    And as for current relation between Arabs, Christians and Jews... Christianity and Arabs have been on knife end with eachother since the middle ages. And that certainly would have ruined the relationship a bit. The jews, having migrated all around the globe since forever, have had communities in the western and arab world also since forever. They have had this underdog stigma and my view is they will never loose it and some probably love the marters role a little too much. But my historical knowledge is too rusty to give a beautiful respons on this.

    And to quote one cute elderly lady in New York (while asked by CNN what she thought about current and futur events) I don't care what happens anymore, it's such a disaster anyways

  • Mac

    Viv..after carefully considering what you've just stated I have thoughtfully formulated the following response......YER HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!! mac ;P

  • Vivamus

    LOL Mac I knew you'd appreciate my insightfull respons

    Blue Bubblegum girl

  • blondie
    It is interesting to me that Ishmael is the firstborn of Abraham. Doesn't the firstborn of a father have some kind of right in Jehovah/Allah's eyes?

    Well, Ishmael was the son of a slave woman, Hagar, so at that time was not considered in line for inheritance (WTS speak) as the firstborn but under the Jewish Law code given to Moses, a concubine's son would inherit the firstborn right just as a "normal" wife would. But as the WTS likes to point out Abraham was not under the Law code (they like to swing this both ways, e.g., Judah and Joseph...also they say adultery is worse than fornication, why, because adultery is a property crime rather than just a sexual crime)..

    In the Bible, the literal firstborn does not always inherit, e.g., Reuben, Levi, and Simeon were passed over and the firstborn birthright was given to Joseph, the firstborn of Jacob's second wife, Rachel, which went to Joseph's 2 sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.

    I'm not that knowledgeable about the Koran, but I do believe that Muhammed is believed to be the direct descendant of Ishmael and the "son of promise." Here's one Islamic explanation:

  • funkyderek
    The Christian west established the state of Isreal.

    They also established the Palestinian Arab state of Jordan.

  • Goodboy
    They also established the Palestinian Arab state of Jordan.

    While it is true that the west has influenced the middle east in many ways, I was referring particularly to The Balfour Declaration which violated the rights of the Arabs in a very real and criminal sense. After using the help of the Arabs to win the first world war, the UK (directed by the League of Nations) was clearly working hard to get the Zionist ideal achieved. My question is, to what end? Why did the world-government power-brokers implant the Zionists in Isreal like that unless they knew that the situation would "come to a head" so to speak? In my estimation, the current world situation is far more dire than during the Bay of Pigs because nuclear posturing for national gain is easily recalled as the Soviets in fact did. In our current situation, I see a Zionist/Christian America being militarized toward a conclusive confrontation with Islam. Nuclear weapons are perfect for Jihadists as nukes are almost religious implements in their operation and effect on humans. The Patriot Act is here to stay and our fourth amendment rights are history. I see my government torturing and killing Arabs and I predict this behavior will become part of 'Being American' as opposed to 'Being With the Terrorists'. Doesn't anyone else feel this current pulling us toward this war? Additionally, one must now read news from non-US sources if one wants the facts, vis: ...This article (you must read Italin to read the actual article) quotes good ol' Osama yesterday saying he has "small weapons with great destructive power" and that "Allah will give us the first target in the heartland of America". I'm fairly certain FOX News will not show you any of this. Well, at least until after the event occurs, as with all terrorist attacks of the past fifteen years. Then they'll use 'discovered' early warnings like this to prosecute whatever shills they've set up to take the fall. Problem. Reaction. Solution. I wonder if by theorizing about these things I am doing something un-American. Hmm.

  • Goodboy
    Here's one Islamic explanation:

    Blondie: Thanks for the lnk. An interesting essay. I found particularly interesting the writer's contention that it was _Ishmael_ who was the sacrifical son which Abraham spared. So in fact both lines of Abraham claim him exclusively, as I suspected. Let's see... South Korea has gone nuclear now... Iraq war with no end in sight... I don't imagine that US policymakers expect to fight these wars with no soldiers. If a US military draft is forced on us and the JWs resist, this will probably begin their Great Triba-lation. If and when all of this happens I think it's plausible to assume that Armageddon might also be in the script. Removal of 3,000,000,000 people from the earth is the only way to begin The New System, regardless of what form "Jehovah" takes. In this case I would imagine the "heat of Jehovah's anger" to be around 10,000,000 degrees with a blast front moving at 100 meters per second.

  • Carmel

    You've left out the lineage stemming from Abraham's third wife Katura. That lineage gave rise to the Persian Prophet Zarathurstra and the Sansayid kings to which Baha'u'llah, prophet/founder of the Baha'i faith traces His parentage. The bible promised Abraham that his "seed would enherit the earth" a promise that has literally and spirtually come close to being fulfilled. One could conjecture that the dualist religions of the middle east, now championed by the west, may eventually overwhelm the eastern religions of Buddah and Chrisna, but I don't see it happening. So "inheriting the earth" may have its fulfillment in another way.



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