return to the Soviet Union?

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  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk
    Opposition Ready to Hold Talks

    Supporters of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko rally in Kiev

    An ally of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko said that the opposition is ready to hold talks with President Leonid Kuchma - but only about the peaceful transfer of power to Yushchenko.

    "We are ready to negotiate only about the peaceful handing over of power to Yushchenko by Kuchma," said Mykola Tomenko, an ally of Yushchenko.

    On Tuesday Kuchma called for negotiations involving all sides. Representatives of Yushchenko, who claims election fraud robbed him of the chance to be Kuchma's successor, said they were ready to take part.

    Kuchma's press secretary, Olena Gromnitskaya, said that she had no information about talks between Kuchma and the opposition.

    Meanwhile in Brussels, Belgium, Nato Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has summoned the Ukraine ambassador to express the alliance's disappointment with the way the presidential election was handled.

    The Nato leader also expressed "deep concern about the way events are unfolding now," said spokesman James Appathurai.

    De Hoop Scheffer reminded the Ukraine authorities they had made commitments on democratic standards to NATO and other international organisations.

    He called on the Ukraine government "to avoid any use of violence and to allow" legal claims relating to the elections run their course "fully and fairly," Appathurai said.


    Its all looking a bit fishy over there isnt it?Russia wants to keep Ukraine on a tight Leash and It appears NATO and maybe even the EU wants Ukraine joining up.Heres hoping it doesnt descend into a Bloodbath.The Opposition are even suggesting that their man Yushchenko was at one point poisoned by the Presidents Men!

    Also in some parts of the Country there was a 104% electoral turn out!!?? Are we witnessing a return (albeit in a smaller way)to old style Soviet corruption/propoganda?

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    bttt cos i think its quite important

  • Pole

    How did I miss this thread?

    Things have cleared up a bit since you posted this. I was truly impressed to see just how peacefully the average Ukrainians manifested their disagreement with the election scam. And they seem to have won a lot.

    The stakes in the game are high. Ukraine under Yankukovitch will only continue to be a parody of democracy. Poland was naturally involved in the whole negotiation process alongside Lithuania and the EU. Looks like not too many folks in Western Europe realized or were interested in the importance of those events.

    What I liked was the bad cop/good cop game played by the US and the EU/Poland/Lithuania . The US said it didn't recognise the results of the election right away. Europe sent Solana, Kwasniewski and Adamkus to help negotiate. Now isn't it the way things should work in this "civilised" part of the world?


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