Field service report?

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  • heart2heart

    Um, I was just wondering where I drop off my field service report... I got about 2 hours today and placed one book (COC)!! That's better than I did most months as an active JW! lol I did talk to my non-JW dad - I wonder if the elders would allow that as "service", after all, I was talking about Witness' beliefs!


    Old habits die hard

  • shamus

    Happy birthday!

    You may deposit it into the toilet. Flush twice.

  • wizedup

    Happy Birthday! 2 Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I said that. (my first year out) I won't die will I?

    As for your field report? Drop it (up) in Jehovah's box where it really counts as something.

  • Poztate
    I got about 2 hours today and placed one book (COC)!!

    Just think...with that one "service report" you may have done more good than a dub with a LIFETIME of filling in service reports with NO RESULTS.

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