Does The WT Society Help People In Order To Keep Them Helpless?

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  • xochsi
    "I was going down the wrong path, I was using drugs, drinking, and thinking about suicide when the JW's came to my door. They helped me to stop using drugs and alcohol and saved my life."
    "I use to beat my wife and drink heavily. The WT helped me to change and be more loving to my wife."
    "I was lost in my life and wanted to know God. I was praying for direction and help understanding the Bible when the JW's came knocking at my door."

    We have all heard stories like these over and over from those we knew personally, from the magazines, and perhaps even we ourselves have a similar story to tell as to how the WTBTS helped us.

    Once we were IN, once we had been helped out of our sad situation in the world before we came to learn "the truth", were we really assisted in human growth, did we grow our own solid spiritual legs, did we really become our own spiritual person forming a deep meaningful personal relationship with God, or did we simply become helpless in a new way? Does anyone else suspect we were helped simply to keep us helpless and reliant upon the WT to tell us what to think, feel and believe thereafter?


  • xochsi

    What? No takers? Not a very good question?

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    A wise person once told me that their opinion was that WT wants to keep it's members poor and dependant in order to have control over them. Whether or not it's their goal, they certainly adopt policies which promote that statement. So I would agree with your observation as it has been echoed by many in slightly different versions..

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    good post: the jw allways use this idea that the truth made them a good person. i like to bring out the fact to jw's that most any church teaches the same things. so again the wt is a liar. john

  • kwintestal

    I think that generally following certain bible principals will make someone a better person. The WTS however goes beyond teaching, and takes advantage of these physically and mentally vulnerable people, making them dependant on the WTS for their life support. They also have no problem pointing out the person's past problems, and strongly suggesting that they will go back to those activities should they leave. I agree with your observation.


  • mkr32208

    I think any religion can help someone who's looking for god or a path... (maybe not a real path but a path nonthe less) I think Jehovers like all cults are specificly looking for the poor, the dumb, and the mentaly ill to take advantage of. Then once they have them they have a vested intrest in keeping them in that condition.

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