"Who Really Rules The World?"

by TrailBlazer04 1 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • TrailBlazer04

    Found this little tract stuck in my door when I got home today...what a bunch of pessimistic rubbish! The last paragraph starts with "Happily, the time is now near when Satan and his cohorts will be no more!" So, the end is still near, Satan rules the world, world conditions suck...

    No wonder so many of them look like they've sucked on a lemon....

    I can't wait until they come back (If I'm home).


  • euripides

    Well, Tears For Fears said "everybody *wants* to Rule the world," right?

    Honestly, its that kind of attitude which stifles all serious effort to do something about the world we do live in, just bide the time until somebody else does something about injustice etc etc. That apathy is the real consequence and the problem.

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