How can i explain myself better?

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  • betty boop
    betty boop

    So me and my best and oldest friend from growing up still keep in touch even tho she is a JW and is married to one and most of her family members are (as are mine). For the most part she respects me and my decision to have left the Borg.

    This week however, we made plans to meet and we've been sending emails back and forth to make plans and generally just let each other know how we are doing. Its quite difficult to see each others due to our busy schedules, so we rely on email to interact alot of the time. Anyway, in one of the emails she said she is really sad i left the truth and the she wishes i would reconsider coming back. That it would be a comforting thought to have me around again. I explained to her that altho i loved her alot and would always be her friend, its highly unlikely ill go back cuz it is not in my heart. I tried to explain further some of the things that bothered me not about people, but of the Org. itself. And now how more specifically now i feel more happy and alot more at peace. She came back and somewhat debated what the points i made, and sounded a bit like a "religious person" I dont know if that makes sense, but once i left the Org. when i hear someone say things like "God will forgive he is a God of love and the restrictions he puts upon us are for our own good" and so on and so forth it sounds weird. Its not that i dont believe God is good, but when u hear it in the terms JW use it just feels like religious mumbo-jumbo.

    Anyway i really would like to send her proof and a more extensive explanation as to why this Org. is no good well atleast for me. And maybe not even for her. It is very hard to break that barrier i guess. Any suggestions?


  • shotgun

    You might start by looking here and seeing if you can use some of the points that were used by others

    Good luck

  • willyloman

    What your friend has done is:

    1. "Positioned" herself for your upcoming meeting

    2. Revealed how she really feels about your relationship and any future it might have.

    Listen and learn.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Good response..."listen and learn."

    My oldest and dearest friend while not being JW is nonetheless wrapped up so tightly in the Jesus thing that it does at times get old listening to her. When we last saw each other I finally told her that I no longer attempt any debates about religion.

    Not unlike the JW's, some just have to "preach" their belief for whatever reason, whereas we might all get along much better without it.

    Religion, my opinion, has done more over the centuries too create discord amongst humanity than it could ever unite.

    LIfe is so full of twists and turns...and wonderment and amazement.


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