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  • neverthere

    Great advice from those of you about my new found chat buddy at my daughter's dancing lesson. BUT we were talking last week and MY religion came up (for those of you that don't remember I am pagan). She took it in stride last week but I am wondering how, after a week of meetings etc she will be towards me tomorrow. Should I continue to act like I know nothing and if she stops talking to me should I put forward what I know about her religion and that I was willing to be friendly to her even though I knew she was a JW (sorry, I know many of you here are still JW's but I was raised to think of it as a cult from the time I was little) and I avoid them for the most part.

    More of your great advice is needed!



  • missy04

    I wouldn't be the one to bring it up, but if she ever brought it up you could express ur opinions, thats what I'd do.

    And yah, if she stopped talkin to ya, I'd bring it up.


  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    I would just continue to be pleasant and nice and try to ignore the whole religion thing. You will be seeing her at dancing lessons for the whole year and why create tension. Seems to me that many witnesses expect "worldly" (meaning non-JW) people to not be as nice as witnesses. Being a wonderful, kind, pleasant, tolerant pagan might quietly make her question her own beliefs more than an argument would.

    concerned mama

    (who has sat thorugh a zillion dance classes)

  • missy04

    I also agree with concerned mama.


  • anuva

    the advice by missy o4 and concerned mama are genuine ....though i feel ......

    if you feel like you should try to awaken conscience to that person's future ,you may talk about christianity in general and its great attributes (if you are a non JW christian ) , but with a caution , that you must take leads to talk to her by using some of her own literatures ...(of wtbts )...

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