The "REAL" world

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  • boy@crossroads
    [email protected]

    I know Minimus has probably asked this question before, but after leaving the witnesses what did the REAL world become to you as opposed to the world the witnesses choose to see it as?

  • heart2heart

    I see the world the same way as I saw it before I became a Witness - most people are good, some people are bad. The biggest change of view I've had though is that "wordly" people are much warmer, genuine and hospitable than Witnesses claim they are ( I hadn't had much experience meeting new people because I was 16 when I was baptized, left all my "wordly" friends behind). Even when ideas and goals differ, I have a much easier time conversing and sharing my time with non-Witnesses than I ever did with my "brothers and sisters" who I was supposed be friends with simply because we share the same belief and value system (not to mention they were the ONLY people I was supposed to spend time with.)


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