The price YOU pay when you accept a free home Bible study

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  • truthseeker

    WOULD YOU WELCOME A VISIT? (Watchtower - back cover)

    Even in this troubled world, you can gain happiness from accurate Bible knowledge of God, his Kingdom, and his wonderful purposes for mankind. If you would welcome further information or would like to have someone call at your home to conduct a free Bible study with you, please write to Jehovah's Witnesses, 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY..or to the appropriate address.

    HELP FOR FAMILY PROBLEMS (December 8, 2004 Awake - back cover)

    You may request a copy of this book by filling in the accompanying coupon and mailing it to the address shown on the coupon or to an appropriate address on page 5 of this magazine.

    Without obligation I request a copy of the book The Secret of Family Happiness. Indicate which langauge.

    Please contact me concerning a free home Bible study.

    The above quotes, are just some of the ways that Jehovah's Witnesses, "advertise their services" to the general public. They also have the tract, "Would You Like To Know More About The Bible?"

    Such harmless advertisments likely make you think that all Jehovah's Witnesses do, is teach others about the Bible.

    Once you get into your dicsussion of the Bible, you may very well make certain changes.

    They can help you get married (if you are co-habiting), they can get you to stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs. If you used bad language, you will stop using it.

    Your personality undergoes a transformation, from a worldling to a baptized dedicated witness.

    All this, because you wanted to know more about the Bible. Because you may have filled out the coupon on the back of the magazine and handed it in. Because they came to your door and offered a free home Bible study.

    Of course, while you were studying, you did not anticipate "God's requirements" - You thought you were there to get a lecture on the Bible. You did not imagine yourself going to 5 weekly meetings, 10 hours a month of field service, and endless supplies of literature to read.

    You just wanted to know "more about the Bible."

    But, there's a catch - once you get past the Require Brochure, and the Knowledge Book, comes the question...

    "What Will You Do Now?" -

    "What Prevents You From Getting Baptized?"

    So you get baptized, you cut off your worldly friends, you limit the contact spent with non-believing family members, you are told you must go to all 5 meetings a week, you're constantly told to do more and more and more, you're encouraged to give up thoughts of a career (if you are of school age), you're told to simplify your life, to put Jehovah first and to keep in step with "Jehovah's Organization"

    You're threatened with spiritual death if you talk to a family member who's disfellowshipped, if you read and entertain the ideas of "apostates" or you break one of their many unwritten rules.

    You're coerced into having productive Bible studies, calling on your placements and being regular with "return visits."

    You're told it's better to quit your job if you can't get time off for the convention - Don't worry they say, "Jehovah provides."

    And all because you filled out a coupon, or took up the offer of a "free home Bible study."

    And that's the price you pay.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are a destructive cult. It's not simply enough to get accurate knowledge of Jehovah, His Son, and his will for mankind. It's not enough if you talk about God's Kingdom with your neighbours.

    The Society is like quick sand - they want all of you, not part of you. They want your life, energy and resouces, your time and your attention.

    Don't give it to them.

  • kls

    Truthseeker how true and sad that many will get sucked in to believing this sales crap and many when they are at their lowest point in their lives will get sucked in without even knowing what happened.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    "gulp" .... {{{{{{ throwing Awake magazine received last weekend in the trash }}}}}}

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Based on their widely reported shunning practices and the way they handle child abuse and sexual abuse they are not any where near qualified to give advise on family problems or "secrets" of family happiness. Their reported method of promoting sexual abuse secrets are no way to happiness - just severe pain and suffering. They should have to put a warning like on cigarette packages to this affect.

  • shotgun

    They don't know how to study the bible, infact they are made to believe they can't understand it so why even try.

    Free home WTBTS publication of the month is more like it.

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