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  • dorothy

    A JW friend of mine has long encouraged me to ask her any questions I Have about Dubbie-ism. We often use e-mail to communicate between studies. Anyway, lately I have been sending her questions that come up while reading everyone's posts here, and I guess there's been a couple of good ones because she's completely ignoring them now. It's not that I've sent a barrage of questions, just one or two every month or so. Last week I asked her "Would God really want us to give up our life in honour of a symbol of life?" (The blood issue) No response, not even an ackowledgment. I'm guess I'm gaining some ground.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Be careful, a question that will make them think is dangerous to a friendship.

    Because thinking is dangerous little by little the wall goes up, next thing you know everything you say is suspect and to be avoided.

    They are their own worst enemy.

    Good Luck though. That in particular is an excellent question - since symbols are so TABOO !

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