Sex in the Sect

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Has anyone heard of this book coming from Australia?

    Did you know; It is NOT an offence (by law) for a religious group to protect a Paedophile in all states in Australia?

    28 states in the USA do not have mandatory reporting of child abuse in religious groups.
    Doctors, teachers, healthcare workers and psychologists are by LAW required to report incidents of child sexual assault.


    SEX IN THE SECT is a satirical look at the JEHOVAH'S WITNESS sect.

  • gespro

    Hi LadyLee!

    OMG... The subject material is quit a jaw dropper. I wonder who wrote this?


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    from about the author

    My name is Vicki J Bowering.

    For 33 years I was a publisher in the 'The Truth' as it is called by insiders. My Great grandfather began the tradition and I was expected to follow. As the oldest of 6 children and my father as an Elder, I was expected to set the example. I was also privy to a lot of the internal squabbles and strife within the judicial section of the organization. I can't pretend I didn't always have unanswered questions and doubts. I can say I did not feel I had the strength to leave without the right to see my brothers and sister or any of my previous friends. Indeed I was a very conflicted person. My conflict was further increased by the subconscious repression of my first 11 years filled with Sexual abuse and segregation by 3 members of my family. It was not until informed by Family Services that my own children were displaying signs of child abuse that I was galvanized into immediate action. When no action was taken after my complaint through the Society's judicial channels plus when I WAS TOLD TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THE ABUSE, I acted. Dissociating myself I proceeded to write the Book SEX in the SECT, at a Publisher's request.

    I knew this would cost me my former friends and family. I would become an outcast.

    Little did I suspect the struggle I would have when trying to trust or even know my own beliefs.

    Amid this distressing period of time my long term partner, father to our children, best friend and fellow recent ex Jehovah's Witness, was shot dead while waiting for a coach in a sleepy Queensland town. It was a random bungled robbery. 2 men were later jailed for life. I ran away to sea and jumped boats up the Queensland coast, lived a largely vagabond life, endeavouring to find peace of mind, body and Spirit. It has been my privilege to speak at the 4th International conference of The Association of Trauma and Dissociation held in Brisbane , September 1997.

    Good faith and Associates Melbourne University , Australia . May 1998. Boston Psychological Society October 1998. Boston College , USA .

    I live between my Queensland rainforest retreat and sailing on the Great Barrier Reef in my homemade sailing boat. I feel I have a free mind and open heart since leaving the Sect {Cult} behind.

    My main focus however is to see the laws change regarding the lack of protection of children in Religious orders and that MANDITOR REPORTING OF CHILD ABUSE IS INTRODUCED IN ALL RELIGIONS!

    sounds like she has been through a lot

  • NeonMadman

    OK, now you guys are making me feel guilty because I actually have this book but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. One more on the "to be read soon" pile (which is now about 2 feet high)...

  • VM44

    Her website is gone!
    It only was up on the web for about a year.
    What happened?

  • JWdaughter

    There is one copy of her book on Amazon for $100. Could find nothing else online.

  • VM44

    It appears that the book can still be ordered online. --VM44

    Sex in the Sect author: Vicki J
    publisher: Essien

    This book has two distinct faces: on the one side it presents hilarious accounts of life as a Jehovah's Witness. More than peeking through the keyhole, this story invites you inside the normally closed door to have a look at the whys and whats of the sect: the regular door knocking for God, the thrice weekly sermons which were held through death and despair and much more.
    At the same time 'Sex in the Sect' unfolds into a bizarre and moving story of how one person coped with a remarkable childhood. During the writing of this book Vicki J. was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, brought about by the subsoncious suppression of events she did not wish to remember which clarified why the writing styles and contents changed so remarkedly. 'Sex in the Sect' is a fascinating view into the mind of a multiple as she recounts the events of her childhood. Later it was identified as having been written from four perspectives: the good girl, who remembers the rosy things: the wicked child who remembers the horrors of her childhood: the adult looking back at the events and the clinical observer who stands away completely and attempts to explain the mechanics of the mind as it switches and changes. Meanwhile the book builds to its shattering climax in the final chapter.
    A book not to be missed by anyone who is interested in the power of rigid religious sects over the minds of their members and one person's struggle to speak out in the face of overwhelming pressure to remain silent.

    ISBN 0-949873-53-5 $18.95 plus $6 postage and handling. = $ 24.95 total. </form>

  • unclebruce

    It's a very good book. I was outraged and cried deeply when I found a copy in the late 90's.

    It's a true story of a Presiding Overseer's corruption including all too vivid accounts of him sexually abusing his daughter in the cane fields of Australia's "deep north" (Queensland).

    Viki was a friend of a regular poster on the old H20 forum.

  • shera

    O my...

    I must get myself a copy.

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