Trying to leave the Org.

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  • JH

    Trying to leave the Org. is like trying to get out of this maze

    The first day you enter a Kingdom Hall, is like entering this maze. You get to know how the Organization works and how complicated it is, but then one day, you decide that you want to leave so you try to find a way out without losing your wife and children and family.


  • kwintestal

    It's hard. But with much time, effort, and patience it can happen.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Interesting, it may be that you need to lead them back in to find a better way out ?

  • blondie

    The problem with a maze in the WTS is that you see it from a different perspective than the one shown above. You can only see your small area not the whole maze. And you can't see outside to balance yourself with what the real world is like. You can do it by hit or miss marking where you were before or you can find someone who has gotten out of the maze and can help you out. They can show you where you are, what the maze looks like from the perspective above, and help you take it a step at a time.

    The hardest part is getting people to recognize they are in a maze


    that they need to get out to have a productive life.

    Blondie (out of the maze for 3 years)

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