Permanent Jury?

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  • freedom96

    I don't know how many of you are paying attention to the Scott Peterson trial here in California. But, in the last 2 days, to jurors have been let go. This jury is looking more and more like a joke.

    The law states that an accused has the right to be judged by a jury of peers.

    Should this law be changed? Is it time to start a professional jury? One that is made up from a variety of backgrounds, but intelligent people, whom are paid well for this job, and this is it? This is what they do? Could they see through the crap? Could they put a hold on these lame ass law suits that make no sense, could they put away those who break the law?

    Had we had one of those in 1995, perhaps OJ would have been sent to prison.

    One of the challenges I see in the current system, is this. Many people that have common sense, who have some level of intelligence, are in jobs that do not allow them to be on the jury. They work, and to take several weeks, or in the above listed cases, months, is impossible for the average person.

    Certainly, there are at times smart people on these cases, but I think this ought to be looked at.

    Even on the Peterson case, the jury foreman was just removed, and he was a doctor with a law degree as well. Obviously intelligent, but still didn't follow the rules, and has been kicked off the jury.

    So, what do you think? Keep it as it is, though highly imperfect, or have a professional jury?

  • Mary

    It's hard to say what's going to happen in this trial, but I'd say it's looking more and more like a hung jury is the likely outcome. They've been deliberating for over a week now and haven't come to an agreement, so you've got those that absolutely believe he's guilty, and those that think there's no hard evidence (like DNA) of his guilt and no one wants to back down from their stand.

    I think subconsciously, they're also thinking about what the public is going to think if they let another high-profile charming man get away with murdering his wife............if he does get off, maybe Scott Peterson should go live with O.J. so together they can put all their energy into "finding the real killers", while playing golf all day long.

  • Purza
    Is it time to start a professional jury?

    Seeing how the legal system is quite [email protected]*ked up, I can't see them wanting to make any major changes.

    I have been following this Peterson case all along -- these trials facsinate me. I think if they haven't reached a verdict by now that there is some serious doubt in some of the jurors' minds. I think the judge will push as hard as he can to get a verdict -- I know I will be disappointed if things ended up with a hung jury.

    Freedom -- give our best to Caligirl


  • Mulan

    I've been following this since it all started, and it is mystifying to me, the way it seems to be going.

    Sure looks like they are headed for a hung jury.

  • kwintestal
    Is it time to start a professional jury? One that is made up from a variety of backgrounds, but intelligent people, whom are paid well for this job

    They would be judges.

    I agree though that there should be some form of entrance exam for jury duty.


  • freedom96

    I think if I were on this jury, I would be pulling my hair out!

    Or, maybe I would be pulling someone else's hair out!

    Purza will do!

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Well, it looks like they finally decided after all.

    After his media campaign, attempts at polluting the jury pool, they still weren't fooled.

    Looks like the State of California gets to nail a white guy for murder for once.

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