Patriarchy's Children

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  • Satanus

    Not sure if matriarchism would be better. Maybe a balance would be an improvement. I read the following descriptions of what patriarchy generates:

    From Patriarchy's dualism,
    From Patriarchy's proneness to self-pity,
    From Patriarchy's sentimentalism,
    From Patriarchy's violence,
    From Patriarchy's lack of imagination,
    From Patriarchy's intellectual laziness,
    From Patriarchy's lack of authentic curiosity,
    From Patriarchy's separation of head from body,
    From Patriarchy's separation of body from feelings,
    From Patriarchy's preoccupation with sex,
    From Patriarchy's fear of intimacy,
    From Patriarchy's reptilian brain,
    From Patriarchy's anthropocentrism,
    From Patriarchy's cosmic loneliness,
    From Patriarchy's crucifixion of Mother Earth,
    From Patriarchy's envy and manipulation of children,
    From Patriarchy's abuse of women,
    From Patriarchy's homophobia,
    From Patriarchy's righteousness,
    From Patriarchy's idolatry of nationhood and national security,
    From Patriarchy's forgetfulness of beauty and art,
    From Patriarchy's impotence to heal,
    From Patriarchy's sado-masochism,
    From Patriarchy's parental cannibalism and devouring of its children,
    From Patriarchy's lack of balance,
    From Patriarchy's savaging of the earth,
    From Patriarchy's quest for immortality,
    From Patriarchy's ego,
    From Patriarchy's waste of talent and resources, human and earth,
    From Patriarchy's human chauvinism,
    From Patriarchy's compulsion to go into debt to finance its bloated lifestyles,
    From Patriarchy's matricide,
    spare us O Divine One.
    The above is a quote from page 250 from a book that was written in 1987 by Matthew Fox, who has been an ordained priest since 1967. He was subsequently silenced by the Vatican, and later dismissed from the Dominican order.

    Something to think about, at least.


  • Narkissos

    I was just thinking that you can substitute "patriarchy" with "mind", "society", "language", "symbolism", "ideology", "politics", "culture", "civilisation", "progress", "technology", and it works just the same...

  • avishai

    I would have told him to shut up, too!! It's blatant, sexist, male bashing, taken to the extreme, blaming all the world's (and some of the universe's, too), on men.

    That prayer is ridiculous.

  • Satanus

    I guess i shouldn't start threads when i'm toasted on one side only.


  • gumby
    gumby mean you went and got toasted without me? You bastard!

    Here's a bit I found on the subject.

    Understanding patriarchy gives more understanding to why women must fight so hard to defeat the power of men.

    Defining patriarchy explains the reasons for the treatment of women through the ages and what it means to their future and success in life. Patriarchy not only explains how our society functions but how it controls women.

    Patriarchy is best defined as control by men. The opposite is matriarchy which means women are in charge and the head of families. Obviously, the culture of the United States and most other countries is patriarchal. Men have the power and control the women. If you don't believe that consider the basics of how our society functions.

    Women constantly must fight for their rights and sometimes they struggle just to survive without the power and domination of men threatening them. Whether an individual woman wants to conquer patriarchy will come from her desire to be independent and defined outside the context of men.

    Look to most world leaders to see how powerful patriarchy is. Women are certainly as capable as men to be President of the United States, yet they are not and probably won't be any time soon. Men have been in that role for so long that our country probably does not believe it is possible.

    So which one shall we choose....Patriarchy....or Matriarchy? I wouldn't mind women being in charge if they made do naughty stuff


  • Satanus

    Give the sheep a rest, eh gumphilius? It's porto. It's a sweet portuguese red wine. It's good for anointed ones. *hic* Really grapey.


  • gumby

    Poor SS.....hittin the booze and it's only tuesday. I wait till at least thursday.


  • Markfromcali

    I'd be more interested in that old skit from the show In Living Color with the two gay guys reviewing this: (no offense to anyone who's gay, if you've seen the show you'd know what I'm talking about) "And next, we have Matthew Fox's 'A Litany of Deliverance' - HATED IT."

    Seriously though, Fox must not understand dualism very well with a rant like this, or rather maybe he understands it perfectly, but just isn't conscious of how he himself is caught up in it. 'Look boss, the rafter! the rafter!'

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