Filling the gap.

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  • kwintestal

    IMO, JW's go door-to-door for two reasons.

    1. That's what you have to do to gain salvation as per WTS (selfish)
    2. To genuinely help others (unselfish)

    So, for those who did it for reason 2, upon leaving the WTS, what have you done to replace preaching to assist your fellow man/woman?

    Mrs. Kwin and I have been discussing this recently, and have a few thoughts on what we may do, but we're still open to ideas.


  • Fleur

    Hi Kwin and Mrs Kwin,

    Myself, first I filled the gap by devoting literally every hour of the day to trying to help people who had also left the WTS and were struggling. I did that for two years solid until I just couldn't hear one more story of a broken family and I just about lost my mind over it all. I realized then that I'd just switched one ministry for another of sorts and I had to take some time away from it all.

    Now, I do a lot of work for charity. As much as my health will allow. Children's charities are my focus and I have found great fulfillment in hands on projects to cheer kids and their families who are going through medical crisis.

    I found much more fulfillment in this 'work' than I ever found in the JW preaching.



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