Gatherings for Thanksgiving or Christmas???

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  • Elsewhere

    I've got an itch to travel somewhere for the holidays.

    I believe there is something going on in the North West area for Christmas and I was wondering if anyone is doing anything for Thanksgiving?

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  • BrendaCloutier

    My spousal unit's family decided this year to rent a house at the beach for thanksgiving to take the burdon off of their mother - 76 developing alzheimers.

    So, Bro-in-law John found us a spectacular 4br house with lots of room on the cliffs of Depoe Bay, for like $290 per night (long story as to how he got that rate as the house rents for 800 per night. They are 12 of us for 4 nights, so this works out to be really inexpensive.

    We're doing Lasagne for Wed night. Thur John and Gary are going to smoke a turkey. Friday or Sat we'll do a potluck seafood feast. I'm taking paper plates so us women won't be overworked as usual. B'fast and Lunch are on our own, or leftovers.

    This should be really fun. We did something like it a few years back for their parents 50th anniversary, and it worked out well.

    Christmas is always at "gramma's house" she won't have it any other way. But we don't let her do as much any more.

    I'm looking forward to this more than Christmas!



  • BrendaCloutier

    PS If it wasn't for his family and combined effort, it would be the Thanksgiving Pizza for all.

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