Science Is Making The Watchtower Obsolete

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  • metatron

    The EE Times November 2004 supplement has a long detailed article called "Replaceable Eyeball" that discusses

    current engineering of artificial sight. This includes new retinal chips, a solar powered silicon artificial retina, and implants

    directly installed in the visual cortex. This is not science fiction: these devices are being built and tested with growing results.

    Eventually entire new eyes may be grown - but even before then some amazing progress will be made with bioelectronics.

    The Dept of Energy's Artificial Retina project is worthy of note, in particular, as six patients "who formerly had no light perception"

    could now "differentiate among such objects as a cup, knife, and plate."

    The main EE Times magazine reports on a successful experiment to harness a living neural network collection of cells

    to be enabled to fly a F-22 flight simulator!

    And there's more!

    Scientists have now determined that the active factor in caloric restriction's anti-aging effect is the production of the

    Sir2 protein. This means that they could develop a life extension drug that doesn't involve starving yourself.

    if that doesn't work see Sci Am for Oct 26, 2004

    The article is too pessimistic about a potential drug ( resveratrol). This might be established by 'DNA chip' tests.

    amazing stuff


  • Nosferatu

    All this wonderful new technology and we still have to go to the kingdom hall to get magazines & audio recordings, write letters or phone the Society if we want to contact them, go door to door selling magazines, put money in contribution boxes. All this could be replaced by use of the internet.

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    ... and all the wonders of the modern age of man is slowly but surely shafting the earth.

    Man only attempts to copy what is already there. What is already there is far beyond the reach of human science. The crude construction of man is nothing compared to the organic nature of our reality.

    BTW - I am not defending the WTBTS by the above comment, simply stating what I believe to be the bleedin' obvious.

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