Next Halloween...

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  • Jim_TX

    Ok... too late for this year, but NEXT Halloween... (2005)...

    Sassy's thread got me to thinking... and rather that 'poop' on her thread, I decided to start a new one.

    I say that we ex-JWs start our OWN traditions for 'Trick-or-Treating'.

    Next year, Halloween is on a Monday. I think that we need to have some sort of 'regional' (I.E. several through the U.S.) Trick-or-Treat thingie... sort of like an Apostafest... but with a 'twist'.

    We need to go only to known JW homes... banging on THEIR doors - yelling at the top of our lungs "TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!"

    Sorta 'payback time' for all of their door-knocking, eh?

    Oh, I know... their homes will be dark... to simulate a 'not at home'. But - we'll just have to write them down - and come back later. (joking)

    Hmmm... since that night may be a 'bookstudy' night, it might do well to know where they hold the local 'bookstudys' in the homes... and also 'hit' them.

    The beauty? Everyone will be in costume (or some in drag), so no one will be recognizable. Just a bunch of hooligans banging on their doors... as THEY whimper and hide - hoping that the people will just 'go away'.

    *wide grin*

    Jim TX

    P.S. I actually started thinking about how JWs behave when I was at my friends' home for Halloween. The corner house has new people living in it (Section 8). In the past, it was THE house on the block - with the tenants there going all out - a stereo system blasting Halloween sounds, etc.

    This year - it is all dark. I asked my friend about it, and he said that some new folks have moved in. He said something like, "They're weird." I instantly thought 'JWs!!' I still mean to ask him and Sheri about it - Sheri will know.

  • Sassy

    lol JIM....

    well as for me.. I would prefer to spend any holidays without an dubs in my day..

    I would love more to have an apostafest costume party..

    if nothing else one online where we get dressed up on cam and chat with cosumes and mics..

  • Insomniac

    Jim, you crack me up!! I already send Christmas and Easter cards to the local hall, so this would fit in nicely. I'd be too chicken to trick-or-treat the locals up here, though, as I'm the only xjw for miles around.

    And Sassy, one of these days, chica, we sooo need to put on a Hallowe'en apostafest. I already have my costume picked out- I'm going as a nudist.

  • GentlyFeral
    I already have my costume picked out- I'm going as a nudist.

    Insomniac, will you wear a body stocking, or are you going to be a stickler for authenticity?

    This year, I was an incubus - or succubus - no, wait, definitely both.

    But I was going to be Hoochie Claus, until my daughter found out where I was going to wear that costume. She made me an incubus/succubus mask instead.

    I already have the black bra & panties and red lace nightgown. Next year I'll buy my own hat!

    gently feral

  • Sassy

    well you guys crack me up with those costumes!!

    we really should think about and Hallowapostafest next year!

  • Jim_TX

    I definitely would want to be at THAT 'fest'!

    Regards, (and a tad bug-eyed)

    Jim TX

  • Sassy

    well................we will hold you to that JIM!

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