We finally bought a new car

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  • Mulan

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about our "old car blues". Well, today we went out and bought a 2003 Toyota Camry. It is gorgeous, with lots of extra goodies including a GPS system in case the car gets stolen. It is like new, and was first purchased in August 2003, and they said it was probably a "lease return". It's in perfect shape, with a full warranty for 100,000 miles, Toyota Certified, which they said is a special thing for a used car.

    I don't have a digital camera so will have to wait to post a photo when I get one with my regular camera, or maybe Princess will take one with her camera for me. It is called Black Walnut, but looks like very dark, metallic, brown.

    There was a really neat red one, with a Navigational system computer, and leather seats, but it was another $10,000, and we decided we could live without the computer and leather seats, even if it was a really pretty red.

    Our only other choice was white, and we didn't want that.

    I am so shallow. I asked the salesman what colors it was available in, and what was the stereo like.

  • Satanus

    I always try to get something blue. I fix most of the problems myself, too.


  • Steve Egner
    Steve Egner


    Can't wait to see it. Camrys are such nice cars, you are so going to love it!

    I'll take a piccie of it later, hopefully I'll get by before it gets dark.

    edited to add: I can't believe I just posted under Steve. I have worked so hard to avoid doing that!!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Mulan, Excellent car. They have a very good track record. My other track record faves are Honda and Nissan. I've been a Nissan person for 15 years.

    Red. $10,000. Red. $10,000. Red.

    That's a really tough one. I love red cars. I've had 2.

    There's Maaco! Have it painted. Take the $10,000 and take the family on vacation to Hawaii.



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