Did you remember to change your clock?

by kwintestal 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • kwintestal

    I always thought it was funny, those Sunday mornings after the time change, when elder Neverlatetosetanexample showed up just after the talk.

    I think everyone made some sort of comment, even just to themselves.

    Of course this time of year they will just think of themselves as EXTRA theocratic, as they'd show up an hour early!


  • jgnat

    What was really funny was the year my daughter and I BOTH set the clocks back.

  • ozziepost

    You mean to say you guys are into this communal jetlag experience too??

    We've just started Summer Time downunder.

  • target

    Here in Arizona we don't do Daylight Savings time. It does change the time difference between here and other parts of the country. During the summer months we are the same as Pacific time. Gets confusing.


  • Undecided

    I didn't remember to set it back, but I was reminded this morning by Lowes.

    About 3:00 AM my friend next door who is renting a house from me called and said he heard water running under the house. I got up and turned the water off. This morning I called Lowes to see when they opened and he said 8:00 AM, in 15 minutes. I looked at the clock and it was 8:45 so it took me a few minutes to realize what the problem was, I haden't set my clocks. Anyway I got the pipe I needed and fixed the plumbing.

    Ken P.

  • JH

    I backed up my clocks 2 days ago.

    Whatever I do, I'm fast...

  • Dan-O

    Daylight Saving Time does not apply to most of Indiana, either. No need to screw with the clocks twice a year, and I like it.

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