bush, election, iraq, new draft, and local young JW baptism fad.

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  • XQsThaiPoes

    A number of JW kids including some that "got out once they truned 18" got baptized recently. I had no idea why. Then I recal a conversation I had with a jw teen from a distant cong that was chaffing a bit under jwism. I ask him why and he sad they cant draft you if you pioneer. So i think the war on terror is motivating the young jws in a simular fashion nam did. A brust of paranoid zeal can turn into sincere devotion after it becomes a habbit.

    Also the new draft is rumored to be unisex if it passes. So young sisters are sorta in the same boat. The army has already ran out of fresh troops and is now sending back the first batalions that landed for a second time. They also cut off retirements and lenthened tods. So a draft is really more possible now than ever. I believe this is in the back of more young jws minds so i would expect a temporary surge until we are out of the mid east and a permanent increase of young people if the draft is voted in. I was just sharing a odd phenomenon that seems to be happening.

  • Flip

    ??until we are out of the mid east.?

    I heard some one once say, "If ?We? demand the best, most plentiful oil, for which there is no competitive alternative on the planet, ?We? will continue using young men and women as corporate hired guns to make sure mid-east oil delivery infrastructure remains under US corporate control and ?We? will be in the mid-east for a long?long?long???..long time. After all, both my SUV's demands it."

    So, unlike the sixties and seventies, get ready to welcome lot's of frightened, US female, teenaged Pioneers this time.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    So, unlike the sixties and seventies, get ready to welcome lot's of frightened, US female, teenaged Pioneers this time.

    Damn, I better start going out in feild service! Thank Jehovah I only own small, low, cramped 2dr compact cars (it is like a sieve for the more commodius sisters)!

    And btw we will be out of the middle east (and farly quick once china changes from coal to oil). Think of the mid east like a old car everyone has used and beat the hell out of, and now it is ready for the crusher. You drain the oil and the vital fluids, remove the parts people want, then crush it, and sell it to the recycler that pays the most for the little cube.

  • czarofmischief


    That's the funniest theory I've ever heard. It seems far more likely that ambitious CO's are using the world situation to the advantage of the numbers in their domains. Hinting "Pioneers can't get drafted" etc... to young ones after frightening them with their tales of Armageddon, etc. Ignoring the stated fact that in the event of a war - conscientious objectors usually sit in prison until AFTER the war is over... in case their humanitarianism is contagious. HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!

    As far as an actual draft - IT AIN'T HAPPENING! We have enough gung ho patriotic redblooded killing machines volunteering that we don't need to FORCE anybody to do anything. That's what's really dismaying the hippy movement - after thirty years of peace and "small world after all" propoganda there are enough people with a sense of national patriotism and an innate sense of right and wrong that actually VOLUNTEER to do the dirty work that the hippies benefit from but are terrified to do. my gawds! Maybe war actually IS part of the human nature!


  • metatron

    The Pentagon doesn't want draftees. Furthermore, no one has solved the problem

    of proclaiming oneself to be gay! The draft was supported by LIBERAL congressmen

    not conservatives and I don't see how Bush could bring it back - in particular, without accepting

    gays openly in the military.


  • catchthis
    That's the funniest theory I've ever heard.

    You may think it is funny, but during the last Gulf War, that was THE primary incentive for young ones in my hall to pioneer so as to avoid any potential draft. My mother pushed me hard to pioneer so that I could claim some sort of religious conscientious objector status. She told me that it would look better for me in court if a couple elders could show the judge that I was putting in 90 hours a month towards religious duties. Remember, there was no "alternative service" back in the early 90's. It was either go to war or go to jail. No hospitals, no road cleanups.

    It was no theory then, it was a fact of life for some of us. And I imagine it probably isn't a theory these days either as we are much closer to a draft as compared to the early 90's.

  • Realist
    We have enough gung ho patriotic redblooded killing machines volunteering that we don't need to FORCE anybody to do anything.

    although its quite disturbing that there are enough volunteers for the job it is also very positive for all normal humans who do not want to get killed for the interests of a corrupt government.

  • XQsThaiPoes
    We have enough gung ho patriotic redblooded killing machines volunteering that we don't need to FORCE anybody to do anything.

    Umm you need to listen to the people that actually run the military. We don't. I don't care what you think with two occupation forces there are not enought people. Garrision work takes many more people than a war. Well I should say the the modern concept takes more people. One guy in a f-16 is much easier to suceed in a mission to blow up a bridge than 1000 troops stationed to prevent all civilian casualties in a given city.

    I am not predicting there is going to be a draft, but the military has ran out of troops. It is at a stale mate. Either the terrorist will give up or america will just abadon iraq like it did south vietnam, but it statistically cant occuppy much more space with out physical bodies. Thats what happend in the fall of rome. it occupied more space than it could police . The terrorist of the day (barbarians) kept getting larger foot holds even thought the roman army could kick their butts in a fair fight. Then rome ran out of money and the hordes won. Just maybe mechanization can save the us and drones could ease the stress. The army is not equiped to be the LAPD.

  • mkr32208

    Wrong again, we are no were near a draft it isn't going to happen. I am IN a para-military organization and have many many friends serving in full time military AND national guard. The reality is this is a scare tactic they haven't even called up the entire guard yet and two of my friends who are army infrantry are already home from Iraq and have been told to not worry about going back for a while (read at least 8 months) I also have two friends who just retired both still fairly young (early 50's) both wanted to get back in and go back to the middle east (both served in desert storm) and both were told, nope don't need ya!

    The draft may come back one day for another war but not today not this war

    as to the oil the middle east is actually WAY down the list of foreign oil suppliers. The US gets oil #1 venezuela (sp) #2 mexico etc... way down at #6 at 5-11% (depending on who you ask) is the middle east stress less

  • heathen

    I don't like the idea of a draft at all but think they could give people in prisons a chance to decide if military service is a way to serve their time . I really think alot of people are given a bumb deal and are in jail over some pretty stupid things . I don't see how a draft can be run fairly since there are so many high paid atheletes that will no doubt be over looked . They already did a survey and found out that most of the people in government don't have young enough family members so as to worry about finding them favorable possitions anyway .The plan for Iraq was to eventually turn security issues over to the Iraqi people and not to occupy . IMO the sooner the US is out of there the better .

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