The Daily Show- Red Sox Kid

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  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    I don't know very much about sports, but I happend to catch something about Boston a week or two ago on the Daily Show.

    Did anyone see the segment about a kid who ended the curse because he got hit in the face with a ball? He seemed pretty sure that the curse was over, and Walla...the Sox win?

    That is no less than creepy. Does anyone else know about this kid?

  • ITguy

    Here's the story on that kid. He lives in the house that Babe Ruth used to own in Massachusetts. Manny Ramirez of the Red Sox hit a foul ball that hit him in the mouth and knocked out a tooth. This also happened on the same night that the Yankees suffered the worst lost in franchise history 22-0 to the Cleveland Indians.

    Supposedly all these were sure signs the "curse" was over. Then the Sox go and win it all. Go figure.

  • Purza

    That is funny you mention that -- I have thought about that kid all the way through the games with the Yankees and then the WS. Weird.


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