Would you buy a baseball for $800,000???

by Confucious 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • Confucious

    The Bonds HR ball just went for $800,000 (number 700)

    If you had the money, would you buy a ball like that???

    I wouldn't buy Bond's ball, because frankly, I think the guy is an A-hole.

    But I would buy a part of history. Like a historic Babe Ruth ball or something.

    What would you do?

    I mean, if you had the means to do it.


  • ohiocowboy

    I would buy it for 800,000 if I knew that I could turn around and sell it for 1,000,000 or more and make a nice quick profit. I wouldn't care if the guy was an A**hole or not if it brought me a profit....

  • Confucious

    O Cow...

    There is one guy that goes around and he has like a traveling museum.

    People laugh, but he's like charging a fee to go into his museum and see baseballs.

    Gotta love America.

  • SAHS
    Would you buy a baseball for $800,000???

    If I knew that it would bring me everlasting life, then yes, I would buy it. I don?t have anywhere near that kind of money, but I would see if I could somehow arrange to get it on credit. I mean, I would have forever to pay it back, wouldn?t I?


  • Nosferatu

    If I was rich and had a German Shepard, it would make a nice expensive dog toy.

  • freedom96

    My guess is that whoever did spend that money does hope to sell if for more.

    That is an insane amount of money though, for that item.

  • blondie

    People consider it an investment. If you turned around and sold it for double that 2 years later, that would be a good return.

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