Nephew tries to witness to me !

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  • FreeWilly

    Well my nephew says he wants to get baptised so I ask him why? He says it's something he's always wanted to do and he intends on pioneering and eventually Bethel. I tell him that I hope him getting Baptised doesn't mean he will no longer visit me. "Why?" he asks. I said "well baptised witnesses are told to avoid spending time with people who don't go to meetings". He replies "Well maybe you should start going to meetings then". I told him I don't believe in going to the meetings anymore but I feel my family is still very important.

    He then elaborates on the Bible account of Moses and Korah in the "Respect Authority" video and says I should respect Jehovahs Org. So I ask him "What was the difference between Moses and Korah? Was it just two men who each said God was using them, or was their a difference?" He wasn't sure what I meant. I asked "Didn't Moses part the Red Sea, bring plagues on Egypt, make a stick into a snake, etc? When Moses said God was using him there was no doubt that was true because you were able to see first hand God's power coming from him. Korah had no proof like this, did he? It was just Korah claiming he was just as eligible as Moses for that position." Then I asked him "Do you see any power, like Moses had, coming from anyone in the Truth? Or is it just people claiming God is using them" -long pause-

    He said he'd have to do more research. I hope he was pausing to think about his reasoning. Too bad he's mastered the Family blackmail trick.

  • czarofmischief

    It's tough when they do that. remember though, they are being manipulated to manipulate YOU...

    Sigh... so sad. Good line of logic, though, I'm glad that it worked or at least broke his dubthink.


  • gumby
    He said he'd have to do more research. I hope he was pausing to think about his reasoning.

    It's too bad that well intentioned research ends up being council from others for him to avoid discussions with you any longer. When you question the's not considered honest questions any longer. That's what cults do to people.


  • kitties_and_horses_oh_my!

    Just keep hoping... I once told my sister-in-law, after she had taken a long time explaining to me why her baptism as a teenager was really not valid, etc., that I understood her point of view but we still wouldn't be able to talk to her if she got d-f'd. But somehow along the line we changed, and now my sister-in-law and her husband and daughter and my husband and I are all very close. I'm sure she never imagined in a million years that we would leave the borg, but thankfully we did. Maybe the same will happen with your nephew, even if it takes a few years.

  • freedom96

    Though my family is completely out now, I do hold hope for some friends. They just need to think for themselves. Hopefully, if your nephew doesn't see the light soon, perhaps he will stay in your life.

  • cyberguy

    Hey FreeWilly!

    I?m sorry for your family rejection. I?m experiencing something similar with my JW-family; my brother no longer wants to talk to me, although I haven?t been DF?d or DA?d.

    It?s interesting how WT misapplies the account of Moses and Korah! When you look at the account more closely, Korah was assuming an authority he was not entitled to have!

    Well, what about the GB? Who authorized them? The WT claims Christ Jesus did so, "directly." This subject was a point of contention with my brother and me! I asked him a number of questions, like "when were they appointed?" "Where? How? Did Jesus materialize a fleshly body, and appear before them? Did he walk through some walls?"

    I also asked him about the three recent additions to the GB. I asked him, "did Christ Jesus directly appoint them too?" Or rather, "was there a vote taken?" Of course, I received no answer to these questions, because it goes without saying that the GB is self-appointed! Duh!

  • FreeWilly

    Yeah, I'll keep the door open for him, but I'm not going to be sticking my head out there anymore.


    It's funny how JW's shut down when you use their own logic against them. It seems they are prepared for objections from non-witnesses but don't know how to deal with someone who is familiar with their doctrine. For instance, my Father was going into his "last Days" routine regarding the brutality of war, specifically the Iraq war. He also prides himself on his 'respect' for life when he talks about television, video games and how even hunting disturbs him. So I tell him it's amazing that he's a witness. He asks "Why is that?" I say, well how can you feel good about a God that has killed off more people than anyone in history and plans to do it again? He stuttered, stammered, and then hacked out a nonsensical, and annoyed reply. I followed with absolute silence.

    On another occasion we talked about all of the false predictions and corrections over the years. He followed with the usual "Jehovah uses imperfect people", light-gets-brighter, routine. So I then asked him what Daniel Ch 12 means when it says "The true knowledge will become abundant" during the last days. He managed to come up with something, but it was an awkward explaination.

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