Halloween recipes and games

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  • Jez

    Does anyone have any super easy halloween recipes/ideas for food or children's games? Having my first kiddy halloween party!!

  • Cicatrix

    How about some gross dirt and worm pudding?

    You'll need:
    enough cups to serve each child
    instant chocolate pudding
    Oreo cookies
    gummy worms

    Make pudding and put in cups.
    Crush Oreos so that they resemble dirt, then sprinkle on pudding
    insert worms into pudding

    You could make some neat eyeball ice cubes, too. Find eyeball candies, then drop one in each cube of an ice tray, add water and freeze. Or if you want to make a large chunk of ice in a hurry, put water in a sterile glove or a rubber glove and freeze it. You can color the water green, then dab the "Frankenstien hand" with red food coloring blood before placing it in your punch bowl.

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