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  • Soledad

    I know how most of us, as ex-JWs struggle with challenging our former beliefs, perceptions and fears. In spite of our programming, we are able to overcome certain things, like the fear of being destroyed, celebrating holidays and birthdays, and in some cases letting go of old superstitions (smurfs!)

    But how do you overcome beliefs about gender roles? Have you even thought of challenging those beliefs, or do the roles that men and women play are "programmed" and incapable of deprogramming?

    Many conversations that I had with my mother come to mind. She always spoke in terms of "when you get married......when you have a child...." Not IF. WHEN. As if this was inevitable. I had no other choice but to get married, have a child. It seemed that from the time I was 7 years old I was constantly being "prepped" for that and nothing else.

    Now there are times when I feel like I was so shortsighted! Compounded is the WTS indoctrination (end is right around the corner), plus being a minority and having immigrant parents (Think My Big Fat Greek Wedding), with an end result of (?????)

    I haven't been able to figure that out!

    What do you all make of it?

    ~deep thoughts today~

  • frenchbabyface

    Hi Soledad !!! (yeah deep though) it brought back memories very old more over on the second one ...

    About your first though

    I wasn't that scared, I was thinking from what I was seeing and the reason why I haven't been a perfect child that God would know that I was not THAT bad ... I just fell the need to be honest with him (thinking that anyway I would know everything ... so why bother) ... I thought very long that I had personnal relationship with him, I've talked to him a lot. (I still talking to an entity ... it's like an habit an old friend)

    About your second though

    When I was a kid I've made my own story about the what in between men and women ... I was thinking ok when this planet will be full ... what ? Are we all gonna be in our 20's find a mate a live like that ? Sounds boring to me I was thinking that as each of his intelligent creature we were made to create, and that maybe we would be in charge to create something different that what we know about as it was for us to decide about it. I means just like the Angels, jesus and God. I fell like being woman/wife was not my major futur (at least after the world would be full) LOL ... funny thinking about that again.

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