Ashley Simpson

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  • ChakkaConned

    Anybody see Saturday Night Live this past weekend? Poor Ashley had a Milli Vanilli moment and it's been all over the news ever since. It was pretty awkward to watch. It was obvious that she was lip syncing when she performed the first song. After blaming it on her band that night, she has now owned up to it and apologized. And just as she was stepping out of the shadow of gorgeous sis Jessica!

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    Lots of people lip sync on's pretty common.

    The funny thing is Ashlee's dad blamed it on "Acid Reflux" or something like that. If you can't sing, then you shouldn't go on SNL, IMO

  • amac

    Good...she's a talentless hack cashing in on her sister's fame. Shame on Ashlee Simpson, shame on MTV and shame on every person who gives her the time of day when there are so many artists that deserve so much more...

  • nilfun

    She didn't even try to stop the band a la Elvis Costello, LoL...

  • freedom96

    I think it was funny as hell. Especially due to the fact that she has tried to promote herself as more like the original older artists, who used live music and singing. And then she gets caught.

    Reminds me of years ago when ELO was doing a concert, and the record skipped.

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